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I Love Being Fingered!

I must say I love being fingered and having my **** softly massaged as I kissed deeply. Normally if you get your fingers in me it means you get to **** me. Only twice i have held back once when my hubby to be took to me to dinner where I drank to much and went to a movie where in a packed theatre my hubby lifted my skirt and fingered me and I laid back with eyes closed. But I found out the hand was not my husbands! I was really enjoying it, I moved hand over to see who was doing the deed and let my hand fall on his or hers lap, definetely a him. He had a small thin **** but it was hard and decided to play with it, he increased his fingering and I pinched and pulled his ****, very soon he came. Then he moved his hand away from my ***** but my hubby took over. I came and after decided to watch the rest of the film. When the film ended the lights came on and I looked at the guy next to me and I was shocked! He would have been lucky to be 16! I quickly pushed my hubby out of his chair and we left I told him later and he laughed! I ********** sometimes thinking of him, sad I know but it makes me wet.
comad comad 46-50 4 Responses Sep 24, 2010

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Hope you enjoy. . . I once had a girlfriend who descibed herself as "not particularly ***** orientated" when it came to intercourse, we did have sex but she was happier to **** me off or suck me just as long i would give her a good licking and most of all she liked to be finger ******. Like most young ladies she did not like the word "****" (do you?) , after i had licked her i often teased the entrance to her ***** waiting for her to tell me she wanted my fingers in her. When she did ask I would say "do you want me me to finger **** your ****" often she would say "don't use that word" i might have to ask her a few times as i teased her but sooner or later she would say "yes". Then i would make her say "please finger **** my ****" only then did she get the penetrating she longed for, sometimes i might start with one finger and add more one at a time,but if i knew she would be really wet because i had been giving her nipples a lot of attention and that always oiled her gate, then my favorite was to bunch up three fingers and slowly but firmly drive them all the way home, right up to the third knuckle, this always made her very vocal and then with my thumb on her **** i would turn my wrist left and right repeatedly, it wasn't long before her hips started to buck and as she came she nearly always cried out "you ******* bastard" followed by "don't stop" . My reply . . . "Don't worry i've only just started" ! :) :) :)

I love that, and love that you fantasize about ******* him. Very hot!

that was more hilarious than hot. Fun stuff how ever you look at it.