I Get Fingered In Public

while i am standing along the street,waiting for a bus or to cross the street people just walk up to me and put their hands down my pants and in my panties and begin to finger my ***** and stick their fingers up in my vagina. once i am on the bus the same thing happens. i don't mind them putting their hands down my pants and finger me,because i just love every minute of it. they even do it when i wear i skirt. when i wear a skirt they lift up the front of my skirt and finger me after moving the crotch of my panties aside. i allow everyone that walks by and wants to finger me,to do it.i just love getting all of the attention that they give me. sometimes i even allow people to put their hands inside my blouse and play with my big 46c breasts and my nipples. so anytime anyone wants to come up and put their hands down my pants or up my skirt and finger me can . i love it. they finger me everyday. i love it so much that i even walk up to men,boys, and women and allow them to put their fingers between my legs and play with my ***** and enter their fingers up in my vagina and finger **** me. everyday i come home with my panties soaking wet from being fingered. i even let firefighters finger me. i even allow the police officers to walk up to me and finger me. i let the police pull down my pants and panties and use their nightsticks and push it up in my vagina and move it in and out of my vagina very fast until i have two *******. but i enjoy it very much.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2011

your boobs vagina pussyyy send pics hhh....

Ok you have to tell me how do u make all these strangers finger you??? How do they know that its ok? It has been my fantasy and really i love getting fingered but never had a stranger do it randomly, I am also maybe picky about the looks so if a creepy guy did I think I would freak out... :) Any suggestions ???

I have never had that happen either - it would please me deeply (deep please...!!!) but I think it would only ever happen if someone saw you playing with yourself first or openly flaunting your c u n t more than once.
I am daring - my best bud is differently daring and even more likely to have this happen (she will finger or toy herself for delivery guys or in public places: or would when younger, and never has had this happen spontaneously without prior encounters with someone who has seen her do herself publicly and has been invited to delve in.
ONCE I had a hand brush close to me in a crowded queue - in an train station - and appreciate that I had open crotch trousers and **** jewellery and a lot of wetness on under a tunic - I felt his hand graze the area and opened my legs just a little further - but he had to be encouraged (told .. hand guided..to feel more before we "withdrew" to a quiet place for a full finger-******* /finger riding (I love deep finger *******..) h a n d j o b scenario. And to be honest, I was hoping to encourage such a scenario when I set out that morning.