I Love Getting Groped And Fingered

i get my big breasts groped by both men and women. it happens when i'm waiting for the bus and it also happens after i'm on the bus too. men and women both grab my big breasts and squeeze them and grope them til they finaly get them out of my bra and out of my shirt.i have to put my breasts back into my brta and shirt before the bus comes. men and women also put their hands down my pants and finger me til i'm very wet. someeven rip my panties off of me. once i'm on the bus and seated some of them come over and grope my big breasts on the bus; they also put their hands down my pants and again finger me til i'm very wet. a few even manage to get their fingers up my vagina and ********** me quite hard and fast til i've had an oragasm. i don't care ,i just sit there and enjoy every minute of it sometimes the bus driver won't let me get off the bus until he gets his turn at groping my big breasts and fingering my ***** and ************* me up my vagina. once hegets his fingers deep up in my vagina he moves them around very fast and hard until i have a massive ****** ,then he lets me get off the bus. but i still don't care what happens . i just enjoy and love every single minute of it. i enjoy and love having my 46c breasts groped and my ***** fingered and my vagina ************ vey fast and hard until i have a massive ******. i love getting all of the attention. it helps me to get to sleep at night . i just can't get enough of it. the more times i get my breasts groped and both my ***** and vagina fingered the better i can get to sleep at night.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2011

mmmmmm....i'd love to get ************ like that. Actually, read my new story. you'll see it in my profile. It's very arousing Xp

mmmm...yummy story~ imma fingerin' myself

I would love to be in Japan right now!

wish i could get you in my car. <br />
i would feel you up..

sounds yummy