He Fingerd Me In The Shop :)

Me and this guy have kinda been dateing. Anyway he had to get some shopping and i was bored so i thought a day out at the shops would be nice mid way into shopping he was gettin horny with me he then said lets go to the bathrom we went to the toilets he pulled my jeans down and pantys he started to finger my hairy **** he wasted no time his hand was in me with in a second i leaned against him i felt his hard on poke me abit threw his jeans at that point i needed his **** so i wanked him hard as he fingerd me after 5 mins he moaned then cummed all over my hairy **** i felt it drip threw i put my pantys on and then i felt my hairs all moist from my *** then we carried on like nothing happend i felt my pantys wet from my ***** and his *** it was the best day of shopping iv ever had :).
DirtyxBitch DirtyxBitch 22-25, F 26 Responses Aug 12, 2011

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I love that.

Imagining your hairy **** covered in *** as you pull
Up your tight panties and carry on about your business.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm got me hard!

Made me do horny, rubbing my clict now:p

shopping with you would be fun. thanks for the hot story.

Way to take care of business!

I want to finger you inside the shop. You would wear mini skirt and no panties and I would get horny watching your thighs and then I would massage your **** and finger you while other people would walk around. They would probably notice what I'm doing with my hand to your *****, but who cares... even better. Tell me how far would you let me go...

That was pretty interesting !

I love this story, dis you ever have any other hot shopping trips?

As others have posted, I also want to shop with you!

Damn - would love to take you shopping

would love to go shopping with u

next time have the inner linning of 1 of the front pockets of your pants ripped out as well as his so you can reach inside and please each other. make sure he is wearing a condom so he can buy you a bottle of soda from a machine and pour in what you have been waiting for him to share with you all day.

I love your stories..they are without a doubt the best on here..i'd love to web chat with you and i think it will be super fun on skype..mine is..osbornhodges2000...pls add me on here as a friend...i hope you're having a super wicked weekend...

hot story that would be fun shopping

Very horny story thankyou

A quickie finger job is always exciting when it is done like that out in a public place. I love doing it for a girl as her juices start making squishing noises it runs down my hand. Then I can spend the rest of the day sniffing my finger.

aaah such a good shopping partner,why are'nt they all like you

u should had me finger u:)

Hate shopping normally but the chance to finger your hairy **** while you **** me off all over you is too good to refuse

Count me in please add

totally agree i bet it was an amazing sight seeing your hairy **** covered in *** and i bet you stayed wet all day long

Very very nice, you have several things I'm interested in, young, horny, hairy **** and playing in public. Very hot!

You are fun to shop with...nothing better then a little impromptu fingering....must have been great for him to have you on his fingers the rest of the day...yummm

I will *** shopping with you.

Lol you alll can come shopping with me :) x lol xxxxxx

Best shopping trip ever



Really hot!