I Love To Get Fingered

the first time I was fingered I was 13 I remember bein in detention there was onlye and my super sexy teacher in the room. He threw his pencil to the ground and asked me to pick it up, so I bent over to pick the pencil up and as I was bent over he felt lifted my skirt an felt my *** I quickly stood back an asked him why he did that an her told me he had wanted me for a while so I bent over again in front of him to see what he would do an he wasted no time going straight for my ***** I let him stroke my ***** for a while whilst I was bent over, then I took of my panties an left them on the floor, I then walked over to his desk and sat on it with my legs spread wide so he could see my ***** as he stared down my skirt I asked him to pleasure me however he wanted, he then walked over ad started to slowly rub my **** he slid his finger up an down my slit for a while before slipping one finger inside my hole giving me a feeling I had never felt before he fingered me until I came after I came he told me I should go home I left the room an went home without my panties which he kept, the same teacher still fingers me every day of school I occasionally give him a hand job depending on how horny I am.
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4 Responses Aug 29, 2011

that was a hot story thats a lucky teach he gets to do that and doesnt get fired for it

Wish i was a teacher in your school. You will be in detention everyday. Look like you need a good spanking.

Sounds like a wonderful experience and tye start of some great times. May you have many more wonderful and satisfying experiences. Would enjoy being part of your circle and hearing more of your experience from the past and yet to come.

Hot story, Lyndsey! Please check out my profile and add me if you like. I want to hear more!