Just Touching

I like it especialy when he positioned himself behind me, whenever I am in the kitchen. Whenever am I'm infront of my the computer. Standing beside the window.
Or everytime I'm busy with something he would just simply invite me to sit on his lap and watch the late Saturday-night-movie. And he would wrap me around his arms. Hands slowly getting down to caress my breast down to my tummy. Slowly his hands would find it's way inside my short to find the soft warm part of me down inside. Toying with it. Would softly touch my **** to send electric signals to my spine and I would give out a faint moan, submitting to the power of his hands. As I would feel a warm sensation, warm fluid gushing out. The feel of wetness between his hands and my tender skin. I feel helpless to the wonderful feeling, the erotic sensation of getting fingered in such a loving way. The most sensitive part of me being over powered by his sensual touches.  
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Wow what a turn on!

That's a wonderful to treat your lady. Making her feel like a truly sexy and loved person. I think that shows how much he truly loves and adores you. A very lucky lady....

would love to wrap my arms around you and tease you right now

How many fingers do you like?

Wow, I like the way you expressed that.

That is so Sexy.....what a turn on you are!

Nice words!

That sounds like a good thing to spice up sat night movies with.

Oh my god. what you have said. I was actually thinking to do the same & you have described it in so sensible words. And i got known about you. You are great.
I love to do the same with same felling.

Good girl...

nice.....I wud gladly do that to u, if u let me hun?

It is even more intense because you trust him.

I love the way you write.

mmm so deliciously wonderful, ladyryan :)

very erotic for such a special time

I think touching is so sensual to me as the one exploring one and also on the receiving.


Very erotic!!!

And what a lucky guy he'd be to be the one with you.

That's so soft and sensuous. I love finger play. It is so intimate.

That is something you should enjoy every day. Please add me

It's like a massage on steroids !!!

i wanna finger you too.

The way you describe it sounds sooo erotic, please add me!

While I've had the pleasure of knowing LR on EP for a long time, my appreciation for her grows daily.

You make me giggle too much, my jaw would collapse anytime now.

Incredibly sensual and erotic in an very tasteful and classy way. Well done, beautiful lady.

Aww-w-w Rocky. . . you make me heart warm with your kind words.

Thats a fantastic story! Is he your husband? Or a lover?

If ever I do have a girlfriend, I would finger her often...

Thanks for reading Secretdave.^^

Another WOW!

I wish you could see me laugh right now Stoner. =)) Coming from you makes my face warm (((blushes)))

I'm slowly realizing that one most beautiful and classy ladies on EP is also very sexy.


And I already thought you were wonderful....

Whomever fingers, or otherwise is intimate with, you is the luckiest man alive.

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I truly enjoy this as well as the rest of your stories..well written, kindly descriptive, personally electric..ty miss ryan. Keep the thoughts flowing..please....

Yay! **palmface**

It does not matter what position or where, fingering is a very pleasurable to the guy who is doing too. To fell the little bud and run your finger around in circles and the follow it up by running your whole finger along the crevice...hmmm

Hmmm. . . mind starts to wonder in with that naughty grin. You're so right baby! haha

hmmm the written dialogue is hmmm hot lady. gosh

thank you for the sexy, sensual read..well done =)

LJ. . .I thank you always.^^

I`m not here again, honest. :-p *whistles*

Oh the joy!! I don't mind it DEG. **smiles from ear to ear**

one of my favorite sex acts..the hand can touch so many places..

Yes, touch/hands could be the most intimate part of our body that could relay a thousand message. Yay! Thanks AKH!

*girl* does ur mom knows ur that dirty sexyy?

taken from the back is super hot...

That was sooo funny Hedo. =))

Wow. My affection for the author only goes up.

Aww-w-w I have wanted to delete this post, I cringe when friends find this, really. But thanks to the kind words/comments like you write, makes me smile, and this posts still remains.

I have some good movies, you should come over and lay on the couch to watch them with me.

Omg, how did I ever miss this invitation!! Geez. . . hope you find another good movie and another couch that we can lay and watch.

It sounds wonderful my dear lady. Thank you for sharing.....

tee hee^^

I like that his love for you comes through very clearly the way you tell it.

i have just happened to trip over this story.
i remember when i too, do that with my ex. she would "purr" and squirm.
after menopause? not so much. she went from "purr" to "spurn." she lost her funny bone and horny bone in the process. what used to make her "CRAZY", had then made her, "crazy."
that is another reason why she's my, EX.


Darn. My lap is empty...


Staying clothes free around home certainly can make this story a more frequent reality. Do you signal your interest by spending time at home nude?

No way!! LOL! (geez what happened to this reply box)

I like how this made it feel you were sitting on my lap.

(^-^) (;D) Thanks for reading.

I`m speechless.


Whoa!! Now thats my kind of touching!!

LOL! DEG. . . thanks for the kind words. haha! You're so nice!

Okay, this is not JUST touching. LOL It's a good post although I would say it's more than a touch you are thinking of. :)

Thanks for commenting in, Soul.

short and sweet! do you still live in the PH? add me

Great descriptions! :)

NICE, LOVING and hot!

Wow, I've not seen you write stuff like that, very sensual. We all like a warm touch once in a while.

Aww, didn't notice about this till now! Thanks Jack for the kind words.^^

Being in the appropriate places is ideal to give that extra sensual pleasures of the touch

"blushes" Thanks HardingPhil.^^


I love the way way you have made this so sensual and intimate.

Aww. . .Thanks Katarina4269, for the kind words.

I want more of this cos this gets me so wet. It's going all the way down to my ankles.

Yay! };-)

A nice way to enjoy a quick ******.

((smiles)) Thanks for reading BMG^^

damn WOW so sensual<br />
Love it

Aww-w-w you're so nice. Thanks! But your Avatar looks scary. teehee^^

Nicely written

Thanks EMP^^

a great sensation indeed !!!

Thanks =))

Oh Wow! My mouth is dry and my heart is racing, but the rest of me is warm and smiling.

Ahan~~ you have your way with words. LOL! Thanks, you bring me smiles.



a nice moment well-captured

teehee^^ thanks

Very interesting reading ;) :)

Thanks Amon. teehee^^

Oh sooo well described!

Aww-w-w Thank you. **smiles** and also for giving a rate **wink**

Your story is so vivid, I can almost see you as you reach climax. Wonderfully written.

aww Sw2jo. . . thanks for the wonderful and kind comment. ^-^

a very nice story, i think , this is a perfect way to get a happy night - you are a lucky one . i enjoyed to read your story...and i wish i could be the ond behind you and snuggle with you...

Oh my thanks Tom, you're so nice with your comment. But can't figure what your Avatar is. JK^^

So intimate and yet so casual, as if the most natural form of affection. love it.

Oh my !! teehehe

love doing that too. ur story got me so hard. thanks for sharing it.

Aww TP (((blush)))

Lovely, sensual story. Maybe I should be more like that.

Thank you for reading, Sacron (((blush)))

WOW - lucky man and a lucky lady!

(teehee) Thanks Inspector. Patrolling ?

Now there's a story I definitely can't tell - or is there!!


TY for sharing, I so enjoyed reading it.

Thank you fro reading and commenting BR.

Beautiful and vivid words. I can imagine the soft g-spot deep inside that responds to every pat, stroke, and flick. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Swl2jo. Thanks reading and for your kind words.

It is so much easier to describe your feelings if you experienced it over and over. The way you described getting fingered says it all. Would luv to see your face when you ******.

Thank you Tje for reading and commenting. Not sure yet if I did it right with words.

Very nice. Romantic, sexy. Thanks for posting. Makes me want to ... t-o-u-c-h ..

aww You're so kind Elle, thanks for reading also.

Very well put. (excuse the pun)

Thank you teezey.

Hi Ladyryan Can you go back a some years to when it was the first time you where first in the hands of a boyfriend.To be able to experience the feeling to the same extent must be out of this world.

That's wonderful Pat. First time was almost everything for me I can still remember the gentle touch with all the trust to eachother sharing yet unexplored passion. Thanks for reading.

A really erotic desc<x>ription. I am going to practice on somebody soon. I love approaching from the back. It gives a lot more body contact and has the element of surprise. Thanks for sharing.

aww Thank you for reading Criss. That's so sweet of you.

mmmmm very seductive story from a very sexy lady! love it

Thank you.

Thats a wonderful ex<x>pression of your feeling. For a moment I closed my eyes and did that to you when I could actually visualize the pleasure on your face, the shivering of your body... and whatever happened next. <br />
You sure have a way of expressing things and its a pleasure reading your short experiences which seems to say so much so subtly. Excellent.

NV I'm honored to have your friendship.

Touch, gentle and smooth, is so powerful. When it is not rushed or forced, its impact is significantly greater. I'm glad to hear that you are experiencing the enjoyment of touching. ;)

It's wonderful Coach. Just when you feel relaxed and you have that kind of smooth, tender touch to soothe even your mind. It's just perfect. Thanks for commenting Coach.

Wow brought back a memory or two thanks for a good start to my day!

OMM thanks for reading.

Nice story.

thank you DM.

I notice that this was written in the past tense, sounding like it doesn't happen any more. If that is true, then I suspect you have a real need for it to be present (and future). If I can help, I'd be glad to do so.

You're words kept me smiling for a while. Thanks Coach for the comment. Would love you to be in my present and future.

Live for yourself.....on the sly,then for the kids in public.
Find a sweet older man who would be discreet,then **** your brains out and release that pent up sexuality we can read from your stories.
Either way,I really admire your stand for the kids!
Add me

Oops. . . Izom6969 is that addressed to Coachwill or to me ? teehee^^

Its a beautiful ex<x>pression of closeness....and a foretaste of future bliss....

It is beautiful DP. I know somehow felt it also.

when you feel that,be sure to ask if its going to go further,and you should add to your info that you are married and dont want anything but freinds

Oh my digger, you should have approached me directly. Otherwise, this comment would just be under the piles of comments.

lets hope to read more detail stories I really lke them

Very nice desc<x>ription of what it's like to be on the receiving end. On the giving side, I can say providing a woman with so much pleasure is the most powerful feeling...

Thank you Hew for your wonderful comment.

very nce to have a hubby like yours he really knows how to treat a woman

Yalibar thank you for your warm comment.