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First Time Fingering!!!

I was 5 days away from turning 15 at the time, and he turned 15 around a month ago. I had been with him for only 2 weeks, but we had known each other forever and we were literally so close people just seemed to suspect we were going out before we actually did. We both knew our feelings for each other and so we went for it.
This particular day it was raining really heavily outside so my mum offered for him to come around to my house rather than us being out in the cold together, so i went and met him halfway and walked him back to mine. He had been to my house quite a number of times and we usually just lay on the bed kissing and cuddling and sometimes some upper body fondling but never anything more. 
Today was different, i knew he was really horny by the way he looked at me, and the way he started to say really dirty things as a joke, so i played along because the truth was i was really horny too and I loved him that much i was longing for us to go a little further.
We were under the duvet and he was kissing my stomach when i felt him unbutton my pants, and i asked him, "what are you doing" laughing because we always joke with each other about these things. He then replied, "giving you what you want" and this really turned me on, he rose his head to kiss me and then i felt his hand slide into my panties, wandering aimlessly to find my hole, it was both our first times and so i guided him with my hand, and spread my legs wider so he had easier access, we were talking like normal when after he felt my **** up which felt so amazing (I have *********** from a very young age and so was used to these feelings as he could tell) he slid his hand down my now dripping wet ***** and slid his index finger into my hole, it felt so good, and i remember us both laughing and he made a joke about one of his mates which made me laugh so much. he kept pulsing inside me, in and out, in and out for 20 minutes, i was rubbing up against him and i felt his **** harden in his jeans which turned me on even more. we made out for the whole time which was amazing. But the only problem was there were other people in the house and my cousins walked in, but with it being so quiet i could hear them coming towards my bedroom and so we quicly cleaned up and sat talking like nothing had happened.
But i remember about 5 minutes later having to talk to my parents, and because it had never happened before i was shaking and i was overwhelmed with happiness and love.
Probably one of the best moments of my life to date, and im now 28, married to the same guy expected our first child. who would have thought it could have got any better.
littlechicken2012 littlechicken2012 13-15 6 Responses Apr 9, 2012

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can you add me. I really enjoyed your story.

Add me please for I love to hear more and chat with you.

Great story. I wonder what you did to make his day. I would like to have had a girlfriend like you at that age. I bet you learned a lot from each other. Could we become friends?

Lovely story - and, I'm sure, an equally lovely experience ;-)

Hi, add me please? I'd love to chat and get to know you better.

Awwww! Love ! i wish had a relationship like that one !