The Ride Home

This weekend was fantastic! Although, I knew it would be. We drove up to Oklahoma for a kick *** concert. I went out of my way to get all cute for this adventure. This was a special occasion! In the 7 years since my daughter was born, this is the 1st time we've left her w/ a sitter over night just to go enjoy ourselves. In the past, it's only been for work obligations or a wedding.....never for something like an out of state concert!

So I got myself a cute little bright melon/orange dress, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, feather earings, and long fun charm necklace that hung down right between the girls. Since I NEVER wear a dress, this was a big deal! He asked for it, so I wanted to be sure to please him. And this is something he never has asked of me. So what the hell :)

The drive to the concert was uneventful. Just one stop for a drink and then we were there. We had a long walk through the casino to get to the actual show and we're cutting it close, so it was just a dash to get there. I learned something during that sprint to our destination. I HATE casino's! They are so loud and obnoxious! Ended up w/ a headache w/ in minutes of entering the building. But that all faded as soon as Zac Brown took the stage. I danced through the entire show. All very PG, but LOTS of fun :)

Now we are headed back home....hour and a half drive. We stopped in to a Waffle House for some late night grub. Ran into some Post Prom partiers. I mean, you know you are a hard corps party animal if you hit up the local Waffle House after prom. Once we left waffle house all full and elated at the greatness of the show, things started shifting in our low key night.....

Suddenly the hem of my dress started creeping up on my thigh.....He grabbed my left knee and pulled closer to the console. I kicked my right foot up on the dash. I knew wearing this dress would have it's perks.....And this position of my legs was perfect for a good late night drive fingering. I laid my seat back and let him drive. I felt so exposed and it made me wet instantly. We've never done this before. I mean, he's gotten some road head, but this was new! Granted, it was dark, so most couldn't see what was going on as they flew by on the highway, but I'm sure some truckers got a good view. I couldn't tell you for certain, b/c my eyes were closed and I was busy keeping my mind blank and only feeling the touch of his fingers sliding up and down my lips. My flimsy thong wasn't the least bit of an obstacle. As he continued to play while going 80 down the interstate, I started pumping his hand...begging for more with out speaking. Then he slipped a finger in...sliding it up and down. It wasn't enough...I started pumping at his hand harder. Another finger, again, nice steady pace. I look at him and he is smiling ear to hear. Seeing him like that, all happy w/ his fingers buried in my ***** made me moan and beg him to stop the car and please **** me. He said no, I had to wait till we got home to get ******. But he continued his steady strides in and out of my ***** I'm bucking wildly needing more than what his fingers are able to give me. That must have been his queue b/c then he ****** me harder than I've ever been finger ******. Had to have been all 4 fingers. Damn that felt FANTASTIC. I exploded all over his hand. I sat back wanting to just rest up for the rest of the drive to re-energize, but he wasn't having it....." promised road head tonight my love". Ahh....yes....yes I did :)

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9 Responses May 7, 2012

Good girl.

mmmm...very nice.....I hope he licked his fingers when you finished. Nothing better than the taste of a girls *** ;)

You're a fantastic writer. Thanks for sharing!

That was hott. Hope you got when you were home.

We love to play on the road also - makes the drive so much more enjoyable. We now always keep a towel and napkins in the car for cleanup in case we get carried away...........

love some ZBB what a great memory of the show!

****, THAT was hot!!! Thanks for the hardon!

Great experience... enjoy...

lol...what a great way to make a long drive enjoyable ;) sounds like a great evening for both of you.