First Love , First Time Getting It ! <3

       It was three months after i turned 16, We had a whole love story that everyone liked . We only had been going out for 4 months when one day in after practice he came back in school to w alk me home. Usually before we go home . we spent time together in school - walking around kissing and stuff like that , y'all know ! 
       After a while walking with him , we started kissing, we were so lost in that kiss that we ended up in a corner , in front of a classroom. There we started making out , it felt like heaven , we were in love - The feeling of his hand caressing me  , his lips on mine i felt like i was in another world.

       It didn't take 15 min when i felt his hand unbuttoned my pants.   is when i  asked him what he was doing, He kissed my hear and whispered " PLEASURING YOU CHEESECAKE" i melted . I started smiling when i felt his finger on my ****.I closed my eyes ,continued kissing him passionately.For a second i forgot all about the world, forgot all about going home. All i wanted to do is stay with me forever.

      When he was done with my **** , i did it, he fingered me, His finger was going back and forth , back in forth, i started moaning more the i ever did.I felt good - He kept on going , it was time for me to get home, my curfew was 6:30 in days of school - it was 6:25 and i was still in school - i didn't want to leave . Finally he whispered in my ear " i wish i could stay with you forever, i wish i could be the one and only" he said " i LOVE You princess , you are my cheesecake, the one and only, the one i will always love no matter what " "Please don't ever leave me " " I promise , no matter what i will always be there for you -- No MATTER WHAT " he re-buttoned my pants and said :" this is and will always be mine, i love you" 

That day was the best day of my life till a month later - It happened ! 
    I wish we could be still together - But everything happens for a reason- He was my first love.
Nyesia Nyesia
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Very sexy! I know 5 of the guys that have fingered my wife. I love her telling me about it

Wow great story.