To Be Or Not To Be ...

I spent the larger part of my years at university (and a load of energy!) in a relationship with Johan, who studied Physics and Chemistry. (Yip – gave rise to many puns.) He had the look of a struggling artist; tall, lean to the point of being skinny, pale, dark eyes, an unruly mop of black curls … (No, no – I graduated on time!)


In my third year, I spent the spring holidays with Johan and his folks on their farm. A group of drama students from another university was on tour, so Johan and I went into town one Saturday evening for dinner and a play.


We stayed at the restaurant a little longer than we should have. When we left, we discovered that his car had a flat tyre. We arrived at the playhouse a few minutes after they had started, which the main usher found completely unacceptable. He was not going to allow any person to disrupt the evening for others by entering late. Then he relented. One of the boxes on the wall, he said, was empty, and if we could sneak in without opening the door too far, he would let us in.


There were four seats in the box, arranged in two rows of two seats each. We settled in the front row and tried to enjoy the play. This proved to be difficult, though. The acoustics were poor, and the technicians had problems with the sound system. The acting was below par, too. We found out later that three of the main characters fell ill, and because this was an amateur university group, they did not have fully prepared understudies for each role.


So we turned to another form of entertainment. I was wearing a rather low-cut burgundy dress, and it wasn’t long before Johan slipped his hand into it. His fingertips brushed my boobs ever so gently. At times, I wasn’t even sure he was really touching me, but there was the gentle, rhythmical movement of featherlight strokes starting at the base of my boobs and moving close to my nips, without touching them. It was driving me crazy.


Johan undid the zipper at the back and pushed one part of the top of my dress off my right shoulder. This left my right boob out in the open. I was worried that people in the stalls might see us, but before I could cover up, his lips found my collarbone. I drifted away in a world of pleasure as he planted light kisses on my throat, the top of my boob, the sides of my boob … somewhere along the line, he pushed the other part of the dress off my left shoulder, leaving me naked from the waist upwards. I wanted to protest, but his mouth had finally found my right nip. The cool air in the playhouse, his hot mouth on my boobs … nothing else mattered.


I felt his hand on my right hip. I was turned on even more when I remembered the little surprise I had in store for him: he thought I was wearing pantyhose, but I was wearing a garter belt and stockings. (I thought he would only discover that on our way back to the farm, though.) I felt the heat of his hand through my dress. I lay back and placed my feet against the front wall of the box. Johan needed no invitation. Without interrupting the wonderful things his mouth was doing on my boobs, he pushed my dress up my legs, bunching it up just below the top of my thighs. As his hand moved down again, he touched the garter belt.


He emitted a low sigh, something between a moan and a grunt, as he looked down my body. Then his tongue found my nips again, while his hand caressed the insides of my thighs. His fingers gently traced the outer edges of my panties. Eventually his fingertips brushed my mound, making me shiver with pleasure. He gently massaged the area just above my lips, moving his fingers slowly in circles. Finally, he pushed my soaked panties aside. The cold air on my wet, smoothly shaved and burning hot flesh made me gasp. He ran his fingers up and down my love lips, very slowly and very gently. Using his middle and index fingers, he massaged the folds around my ****, sending little waves of pleasure through my body. After a while, he slowly moved the same two fingers downward, gently stroking the areas between my inner and outer lips.


Finally, his fingers found my entrance. I don’t know if he pushed his fingers into me or if my lips sucked them into me, but I felt the exquisite delight of my flesh parting to accommodate his fingers, while clinging to them to retain as much contact as possible.


His fingers slipped into me up to the second knuckle. Then he placed his thumb on my mound, just above my ****. He made gentle movements, rubbing my mound and the roof of my love tunnel. His other hand was still caressing my boobs, gently rolling my nips between his fingers. We breathed searing gasps into each other’s mouths, tongues probing as deeply as possible.


My hips developed a life of their own, moving against his hand, wanting more of his fingers inside me. He continued massaging my flesh, keeping the same steady rhythm, not going any deeper. Every muscle, every ligament, every cell in my body contracted. Then, like a spotlight that comes on in pitch dark, my whole body exploded in sheer, unbridled ecstacy. I heard myself moan as convulsions raged through me in waves of delight. Johan’s mouth covered mine, but I was beyond caring about being heard or seen; every part of my body was singing with joy and delight.


Slowly, I returned to this world. I became aware of actors struggling through their lines on the stage, and the intermittent crackling noise of the sound system. I saw my body, bathed in the ambient light: naked boobs, with nips still proudly erect, legs spread wide, dress bunched up around my hips …


I sat up. Johan gave me a lingering kiss. I pulled my dress up my shoulders again, and he helped me fasten the zipper. I pushed my dress down my legs. A few minutes later, there was a round of unenthusiastic applause. The lights came on. It was time for the break. We left. We reached the farm much, much later only, though!




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My god ! You can tell a sexy story . so vivid ! Would you please add me as your friend .

Wow - just wow. What a fabulous memory, and very well told... One might say exquisitely well told. You have a way with words, painting the scene. Have pictured Charlize Theron in the role of you for this scenario though am guessing reality is much better... Hope you write some more stories - you have a knack for it.

Thank you for the kind comments. Charlize ... hmmm ... nope, wrong hair ;-)

Oh my that's soooo beautiful....

great story,great writing...are you from south africa?

Thank you for the kind comments. Yip, from Safrica.

Wonderfull story, very well written. It could be just me but I find most woman have more intense ******* from being fingered than from being ****** and their most intense ******* from being eaten and fingered at the same time. . . What say you StatWoman ?

It's not just about being fingered or eaten; the person one is with, the circumstances, one's mood, all of these play major parts. Fingering has the advantage that one doesn't have to worry about one's partner finishing too early. Thanks for commenting.

2nd time to read this and still love it! :)


Wish you were real.


Good memories eh?!

But a better experience ;-)
Thank you for commenting.

"ENCORE" *applause* "ENCORE"

Try the pictures and the library two of the best places to be fingered in my experience and no complaints about it being so public think that enhances it smile

Library is good. Thanks for commenting.

Point taken! I thought it might have been a one off, but I'm glad to be corrected.

I think I have another story in the same group.

I realize this was a unique moment and perhaps on the extreme end of being fingered in public. But, do you still like being fingered, perhaps more discretely?

Er ... have you had a look at the title of the group? :-)

Wow, what a performance and certainly one to remember. Anything more recent?

Thanks for commenting. Well, this was about10 years ago ...

I just love your hot times and how you bring that heat to your stories. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the kind comment.

Really good story, would like to think it was true. This is a true story but the events are thirty + years ago, she loved being fingered i love fingering. . . I once had a girlfriend who descibed herself as "not particularly ***** orientated" when it came to intercourse, we did have sex but she was happier to **** me off or suck me just as long i would give her a good licking and most of all she liked to be finger ******. Like most young ladies she did not like the word "****" (do you?) , after i had licked her i often teased the entrance to her ***** waiting for her to tell me she wanted my fingers in her. When she did ask I would say "do you want me me to finger **** your ****" often she would say "don't use that word" i might have to ask her a few times as i teased her but sooner or later she would say "yes". Then i would make her say "please finger **** my ****" only then did she get the penetrating she longed for, sometimes i might start with one finger and add more one at a time,but if i knew she would be really wet because i had been giving her nipples a lot of attention and that always oiled her gate, then my favorite was to bunch up three fingers and slowly but firmly drive them all the way home, right up to the third knuckle, this always made her very vocal and then with my thumb on her **** i would turn my wrist left and right repeatedly, it wasn't long before her hips started to buck and as she came she nearly always cried out "you ******* bastard" followed by "don't stop" . . . My reply . . . "Don't worry i've only just started" ! :) :) :) So Statwoman what gives you most pleasure fingers and tongues or **** ?

Thank you for commenting. What gives me the most pleasure depends on a variety of factors: the partner, my mood, the situation ... I can't single out one as being beter than the others.

A supporter of the arts. Brava

Or an artist :-)
Thanks for commenting.

you had me at garter belt and stockings! thanks for a great story!

Johan had me there as well. He also had me in the areas between ...
Thank you for commenting!

mmm very nice, i think i came when Johan came...

Shame! That was quite a few years back :-)
Thank you for the kind comment.

This seems to happen to you a lot ;-)



i love to finger....

lol EEEEE! did that REALY happen? or was it just a fantasy? still... I think if the mood was right I could get talked into that sort of thing....

Reality or fantasy ... what do you think? Let me give you a hint: the mood was definitely right :-)

Great writting, I love it

Thank you for the kind comments. I loved it, too ;-)

can add me as friend

How nice...



Thank you for the kind comment.

That was wonderful. Johan was a lucky man to have a woman so willing and prepared.

Or the woman was lucky to have Johan to make her so willing and prepared ;-)
Thank you for commenting.

Made for each other!

Just wonderful and so sexy! Thank you! :)

Wonderful it was, indeed :-)
Thank you for commenting.

Wow, what a wonderful private theatre experience! Your style is very erotic. I particularly appreciate the visual from, "Finally, he pushed my soaked panties aside. The cold air on my wet, smoothly shaved and burning hot flesh made me gasp." My mouth is open :D

My mouth was open, too ... ;-)
Thank you for the kind comments.

Great story! Thanx for sharing x

Great experience ;-)
Thanks for commenting.

Love how your "My hips developed a life of their own." That must have been an outstanding session

I loved that, too ;-)
Thank you for commenting.

one of the best story! thanks for must be a wonderful experience.

Thank you for commenting. Yip, it was a wonderful experience ;-)