Fingered To Squirt

I was Iming with what he said to be a church going christian who lost his wife a few years ago and was lonely. For some reason I wanted to see how much of a good boy he was so I started off talking dirty. I think my first message was about him squirting his good christian *** in me. He responded immediately still polite but very interested. He had roommates and we had some trouble figuring out where to meet. I spent my days teasing him texting him and iming him until finally he offered up a nearby park.

I met him after work in a skirt and heels no panties. He was much older and worn than the picture he sent me, but I figured what the hell he hasn't been laid in years, plus I couldn't think of a polite way to get out of there.

At first he bent me over inside his minivan. He went to work roughly fingering me hard, instead of in and out, up and down. It was a little rough as he stretched and pulled on me but soon my wetness kicked in and my whole body tensed up, all I could do was cry out loudly with pleasure. He kept that pace and kissed and rubbed my *** until a family came through the parkinglot.

He suggested we go to the bathrooms to finish. My legs were weak as we trecked across the grass. The cool air on my wetness felt great as people seemed to stare. I was dressed nicely in work clothes walking with this worn out unattractive old man in sloppy clothing.

When we got to the bathroom I was hoping he'd just **** me so I could leave. He tried making out with me but I could only stomach a few kisses before bending over. Instead of sliding inside me he began fingering me again. He was so good with his fingers, bent over facing away from him I was thinking about making this a regular thing. He kept the pace up, my knees tried to buckle, my feet were cramping inside my heals my body was so tightened with pleasure I just kept ******* and ******* and finally what felt like a gallon of water released and ran down my legs onto the floor, into my shoes and all over his hand and arm.

Now finally, catching my breath thinking I can make my get away I felt him running the head of his **** across my slit. I thought to myself "**** it, he deserves a ***** after that fingering" and let him get off inside me. He didnt **** as well as he fingered but I made the appropriate noises with a limp worn out body hoping he'd *** fast. He didn't take too long and with some begging for his *** inside me, he gripped my hips and finally released. I shuddered at the thought of his *** inside me but somehow felt really turned on by giving him my ***** to **** even though I didn't find him attractive in the least bit.

With his last spasm inside me, I stood up, slid him out of me, pulled my skirt down and said my thank yous and booked it out of the restroom. I can only imagine what I looked like with our *** dripping down my legs and him quickly following me trying to walk me to my car.

He wrote me afterwards thanking me and begging to meet again. I blew him off until I craved his finger again. But I could only stomach ******* him one more time.
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wow couldnt stop reading .writting was really good almost as good as the story xoxox

I always fantasize about being a girl and dropping by to visit my mom with *** running down my legs. What a hot story.

Something about you and your writing or maybe your subject matter that does me good! Older men seem to be your draw! Friends?!!!

I will always finger your **** with my tongue ...I love the aroma of the honey trickles.

Hot story thank you

Short skirt and heels with no panties ! my kinda hot sexy lady ! and i love who squirts all over my hand, my mouth and my **** ! oh yeah ! *** on me ! growl

i would enjoy fingering you and making you squirt, i know how to make a woman squirt with my fingers, that was a hot story, enjoyed reading it,

well at least he had your ***** one time lol im lucky i dont need viagra yet i have some samples from doc after ******* a couple of times i take one and rock hard for over 2 hrs lol

twice. I let him **** me again when I only went back for the fingering. He took his time the second time but thank god it wasn't for 2 hours.