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Woke Up Wet But Don't Remember Anything !

When I was about 12 or 13 my sisters friend would finger me at night . I always woke up but never let her know it . At first it was fright , then later I liked it . It was the shivers she'd have me feel and the wet was like silk . A couple of years of that then she moved away . That was it til my senior year of high school . I was still a virgin then but that didn't stop my fingers . My boyfriends could eat me out but no Fingers Boys !I even started going to school with three or four marbles in my coochi . Twice one would sneak out during class , thank god for carpeting . Each time it was the end of class , with everyone getting no one saw what I had felt . It took awhile to get the right fitting panties . After P.E. and cheerleader practice I'd come home soaked . Sometimes we'd hang out after school and if I sat cross legged I could just catch my sex scent .At the burger joint my sneaky hand would slowly go under the table into my shorts or skirt and secretly remove them then reinsert the , laughing and joking my friends never caught on . My younger brother caught me boiling them and he figured out why and snuck into my room one night to check if I slept with them inside as before I didn't let on that had awaken . That perv , licked me and his fingers but could not stop the flow of my silk . Later visiting home from college , I heard him and sister talking about a sleeping girl video . I never saw it but I knew it had to me a few years ago , I had way to many wet dreams of fingering myself but no evidence on my hands . Got married in college got an apartment . I needed my brother to spend the night some times when my husband was away. Happy to say...little stated touching me in my sleep . I'd tell him, I took a sleeping pill , next day I'd watch what he did to me on my hidden camcorder and caught him trying on my bra's and panties,nylons,skirt blouses the works . How long has that been going on you nasty girly boy. You don't know I know...Have I got a thick surprise for you !
sleepinglexi sleepinglexi 26-30, F 29 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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I had a girl friend that had a set of brass balls about an inch or so big that she would put in and we would go on motor cycle ride out in the country and she would squirm all over the bike seat and scream, I thought she would fall off but some how she never did LOL she had to wear tight panties so they wouldn't fall out and if we went for a long ride her panties and jeans would always be soaked by the time we got home ..

Damn that's hot!!

I like the idea of the sleeping thing, so naughty. not to mention trying on your underwear. I love it!

wow that was good! "sleeping beauty"

Wow, very exciting and super hot. Brings back a few memories of my younger years ;)

I bet your brother is pretty naughty,and must be have a thing for sleeping girls....

Oh wow, I bet you do!

wow, that's crazy, erotic, and hot all in one - I've got some more to get through but would love an add - thanks for the sexy stories!

The part where you describe how soaking wet you were after P.E. and cheer leading practice and if you crossed your legs you could catch the scent of your sex...omg, you made me melt! lol. i LOVE the sweet scent of ***** so much i imagine your clothes and panties, the essence of your room and all around you, your sweet, sweet horny ***** scent is everywhere. does your ***** scent turn you on? it intoxicates me. maybe your sweet scent is what attracted everyone fingering you in your sleep...i wouldn't be able to resist.

You should put your girly brother over your knee and give him a spanking.

You have an upper hand on Lil' Bro.. awesome story . I use to come home tires and sleep. I wake up with *** all in my shorts and wonder what!??? haven't figured that out yet. but I have a sleep recorder on my phone and it get on every night. so far I have stopped ***'n at night..

You don't know the half of it girlfriend . Read my stories

So hot that he didn't just do it once out of curiosity, but over and over. I think you might return the favor for him one day, mmm.

Wow you made me hard just reading and imaging your tight coochie sweating under your panties wet with silky likeness. Your gentle and sneaky fingerings. SEXY

i love your stories and i would love to read your comments on my pics baby...

That's crazy how you had marbles inside you while you went to class! So brave. Ha ha

wow...what a story..i got so excited reading this...

keep it fun luv

Love this story! The marbles in you ***** at school is pretty hot, I am going to be thinking about that all day,lol. I am eager to hear about little brothers suprise?

Very hot story having marbles in your ***** at school. I wonder how many other girls did that without telling ?

Cheers, John xxx

Wow ! quite the sexy hot wife you are Lexi , and sister too ! you are amazing and so damn hot and yummy ! id love to taste your silk babe ! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy !

I love your story.

damn i love a close family

have you ever tried ben-wa balls they are alot bigger than marbles and my wife tells me they stay in alot better, she lost a foot ball bet and I made her keep them in all day and we went out shopping and to lunch and took a walk along the cane river she told me she felt like she was going to *** all day as they tapped against each other and she had to flex to hold them in. talk about great sex that night I may have to write another story.. LOL

I love reading your posts and hope to keep reading more as you write them! I dressed with my sister as a teen.

OK now you have my attention rndmn1960 , any sensual details for me ?

busted lol....great story.<br />
Would love for you to add me?

finger lickin good!

Thats hot i would like to read more and see more would u add me please

thats hot


exactly :)

You should read "don't know why this obsession"