Even The Word...

Even the word 'fingered' gets me wet. There's something so naughty about it, so high-school about it. It's the sort of thing you do when you really shouldn't be ******* - maybe because of the location you are in, the age you are, the person you are with. Being fingered is a way of giving the most intimate and secret part of yourself to a guy at the shallowest emotional level. It's a shared moment, rather than a relationship. I can let a guy know I'm attracted to him by letting him finger me, without having to commit anything. I can be fingered at a party by a guy I just met in the kitchen then walk calmly back out to my boyfriend with his drink. I can be fingered at the movies or on a train, on a dance-floor, places too difficult to **** but I can still offer my *****. I can be fully dressed standing up looking a guy in the eye and talking to him on the edge of a room full of people, yet he has a finger in me, feeling me out.
I like that guys want to find out what my ***** feels like. I like them fingering me.
Wooter Wooter
26-30, F
5 Responses Aug 8, 2012

Sounds like you like to be a bit on the wild side :)

I wished all gals thought the way you did. It would sure make life sweeter for us guys!

Wish that would happen to me.

OMG, you're a hot one, wooter.

I like the way think! Very hot! :)