First Time - Fingered By A Friend

A few years ago I went out with a group of girls that like to get a little crazy. They were flirting with some guys at the club and I was standing off to the side watching as they were showing off some boob and bum. One of the girls noticed that I was rubbing myself while I was watching them and she came up behind me and put her hand under my skirt and slid my panties over and because of how wet I was from looking at them flashing she just slid 2 fingers into me without hesitation. She leaned into my ear and told me to be quiet while she did her thing to my thing...being caught off guard and no one else realizing what we were up to...I just enjoyed what she was doing to me. She fingered my harder and whispered in my ear that she wanted to get in "deep"...I nodded approval and she slid another finger in and forced her way as hard as I have ever felt. She is a strong woman and very capable with her fingers. This went on for what seemed to be a long time until the other girls started chanting for shots while she gave me one last very hard thrust and pulled out of me and turned away from the others to face me and licked my wet off her hand. She just went off and started drinking shots while I stood there so close to the edge and in disbelief about what had just happend. This was an initiation into public fingering that I can't seem to get enough of.
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What a great friend. Such an erotic experience.

Well worth remembering. A great story.

Oh my, very hot

i would love to do that , very horny story

That would have been amazing to see! Hope you do it again.

Very sexy! Made me very wet! Hope you had fun

Sounds lovely. I'd be pleased to oblige any time.

omg the same thing happened to me!! kinda, only it was at a wet t-**** contest. now I'm totally addicted to to rubbing myself in large crowds

That is an incredibly hot story, glad you enjoyed yourself.

So ******* hot. Please add me.

Awesome story, can't wait for more

You are awesome!

That was so hot. I wish I was there. I would have noticed the "almost"ook on your face and given you a hand.

Very Hot!

That is a really hot sexy story, I loved it. Amazing experience. I would love to hear more of them, could you please add me.

Mmm.....very hot!!!

You know it was hot. I don't have to tell you that. But I did want to thank you for sharing the experience with us here. While reading it I've placed myself in the story. I was the guy sitting to the side and ignoring your friends so I could watch your face as it reflected the movement of your skirt and the way your tongue kept peeking out from between your lips.

That turned me on, I am starting to finger myself now...

well girlfriend make it happen again.

Wow ! what a sexy hot sight that must of been ! i wouldnt of left you on the edge babe. i would have fingered you til squirted all over my hand ! growl ! oh yeah !