Getting Fingered In Public

i just love & enjoy getting fingered. i can be waiting at a bus stop for a bus when teenage boys walking by grab me. one by one they take turns putting their hands down in my pants. each one plays with my *****,parting my pussylips,teasing my **** until i'm wet, & putting fingers up in my vagina. they start with one finger in my vagina & they conyinue til they enter four fingers. each one move their fingers extremely fast, & deep til i have an ******. after the teenage boys are through fingering me;forcing me to an ******, one of the boys puts his hand back down in my pants grabs my panties & rip them off to keep as a suvonier. as he grabs my panties to rip them off he gets a second turn at playing with my ***** & fingering me til i have another ******. it happens everywhere i go. i just love & enjoy every moment of it though.
margaretwalter88 margaretwalter88
51-55, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2012