Bomb Fingers

I went to my friends house just to hang out. We were honesty just good friends, but I always thought he was cute. Everyone says he likes me to, brew insist that we're just friends. Anyways I went over just to watch a basketball game. We both were Heat fans. We watched the game then when it was over we started watching a movie. I had about an hour til I had to go home, so I called to see if I could stay longer to finish the movie. Y parents said yes of course and gave me a different curfew. I was 15 & he was 17. So we were just watching the movie and something happened in the movie that I thought was funny. Just joking around we argued Bout if it was funny or not. Next thing I know I'm on top of him and were play fighting. He put his hands by my ribs and flipped me over. He now was on top. We both looked at each other in away we never looked at each other before. Right after that he leaned down and kissed me. We both must have felt the same connection cause soon we were making out. I had made out with ppl before but it had never felt as real as this did. I was soon back on top of him again as we were still making out. We were feeling all on each others bodies. He the. Lifts my shirt up and takes off my bra. He starts to suck on my *******. It felt so good. I was getting very horny. I could tell he was too because as my ***** sat on top of him I could feel his **** getting hard. He flipped me over so he was on top again and he continued to suck on my ******* occasionally kissing me. I felt his hands rubbing down my body. He slide one of his hands down my pants rubbing my clot through my panties. While doing tht he had taken his other hand and was holding mine in a way tht made it seem like he didn't want me to worry. He could feel my ***** juices through my panties I was wet. He took his hands out and we t straight to sliding his finger into my tight *****. (He did this easily through the side of my soffee shorts.) it felt so good feeling him rub on my insides. As he put another finger inside of me I started to moan a little bit. He moved his mouth from my ******* back up to my mouth. He started to kiss me. I could tell he knew what he was doing in all parts of this situation. He finger ****** me so hard. i think i migt have fell in love with my best friend. He kept rubbing on my *** and legs. He stopped fingering me threw my leg around his arm and started to grind on me. Let me tell you a boy that can move his hips is the best.!! I'm sure we would have done more but we both went to look at the time and it was around that time to go home. Time had flown so fast we didn't even notice. As we both gathered ourselves and cleaned up we left his room and were headed outside. He always walked me home, especially when it was dark. We didn't live but literally a couple minutes from each other (walking time) normally on the walk home we would talk about any and everything. But this time it was a little different. It's like we didn't know what to say. When we got out side of my place he said he'd see me tmrw and told me to hit him up when I got inside. We hugged and went about our ways. Nothing was new about that. We did tht every time. So when I got inside I messaged him as normal. Ever since that we've always had a little different type of friend ship. But we're still friends to this day, it's just sometimes we do things together. Everyone tells us we should date and tht we look cute together. But i think we're both just scared if getting hurt.
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Sometimes your best guy friend is your best choice for a partner. Make sure he understands the real you and be open to the experiences life will use to teach you.<br />
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It is far worse to never be hurt than to never risk anything. You need to risk. Look at the stories on here. Some people do get badly hurt, but keep going back and trying. That is because the pleasure, the joy, the love, the experience....they are all worth the risk of pain.