Best Night Ever!

Friday night, and Saturday, I went to my amazing boyfriends wrestling meet. We went to his house afterwords. He had his bestfriend over too. His mom, is like PDA patrol, so every time she left the room, he slipped his hands in my pants, and fingered me roughly. I love when he's really rough and fast. He has huge fingers. His mom went to her office, and to make it even more challenging to not get caught. He took me outside the door of her office, unbuckled my belt, and jeans, and pulled them down just above my knees. He pulled my thong down and started to pull my shirt up. He started kissing Nd sucking and gently biting my boobs. It was amazing. While doing that he stuck 3 fingers up me, and got really deep, as he pulled my top back down, he then got on his knees, and started eating me out, with his warm tongue. The hardest thing was I had to be silent. He stopped eating me out, and stuck 3 fingers in me again, and became really rough.. He picked me up with the 3 fingers is my *****, kept me balanced, and french kissed me. He then started bouncing me, with those 3 fingers.. It was amazing...<3
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Jan 20, 2013