We Weren'T Dating And We Never Spoke But Every Day In Class He Fingered Me

I thought he was nice looking. We were teenagers. I guess he must have known I liked him. Soon he started sitting behind me in class.

We never said a word to each other. I would feel his hand cup my *****. And he would just leave it there. Then he started tapping my **** with is finger until I was wet. Then he would stop.

Then he would pull his seat close behind mine and pull my panties to the side. He tapped and fingered until he felt my wetness. When he felt it, he would insert his finger and probe me. He would pull on my ****. I would be so wet I needed a towel.

It got so that his whole hand was wet from me. He was never rough. It was always like an act of total appreciation. He knew where to touch me before I knew I wanted the touch.

I wore wide skirts so he could get to my ***** unimpeded. I wanted him playing in my *****.

I think I liked being fingered in public too.

The only other public, well almost place was in a car speeding down the highway. What a feeling. Being fingered in a moving vehicle.
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Very lucky guy to having experience it.

I'm not picturing how this could have done clandestinely in a classroom.

Him head down resting on right arm, leaning to reach me sitting legs open angled to side in front of him. You must remember those eesks that you slid into on the left side. Tall. gangly long armed boy. Thin and hot girl. And it was not as clandestine as we thought. I came out of my pleasure daze to find the teacher watching. That is what caused the end to it.

Ah, of course. I can picture it now. That is so erotic. It's somehow become one my fantasies to have a girl surreptitiously get me off in a classroom. setting.

You know what you like.....

Yes, I liked his gentleness. He never hurt or forced. He was good at it. Married to the same woman since high school. Bet she's loving his touch and more.

Married guys are often more appreciative of another woman!

I know where he is. Same hometown. But, I wouldn't interfere. I just keep the thoughts of those times past. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks about those times.

You can almost guarantee that he does!

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The risk factor can add a great deal to the excitement and the climax of sexual play. Drivers of 18 wheelers regularly report on women who flash their breasts and many times ********** so they can be seen. Maybe there's a bit of an exhibitionist in us all

Never happened in school. But I was fingered regularly when I was a schoolgirl.

MMmm-mmm-MMmm! thanks, great story!

I'd SO LOVE to finger **** you now, acting like a teenager discovering your precious ***** and I's LOVE to lick your wetness from my fingers and my hand. I'd LOVE to make you ****** over and over and your pleasure completely rewards me.

Check out my story, "Her Public ******." Bet you'll like it alot, and I'd love to hear your comments. Add each other? Thanks.