So Sexy

i know its gona sound weird,but i only like to be fingered a few good with one ONE just gets too tight up in there,especially when you're trying to push past ur knuckles..which sometimes hurts by the way..we have a bone there!but i like it when im all hot and bothered and all clean and shaved and i decide to wear my sexy absolute favorite reaction is the moan of my boyfriend when he slips inside!!when we are making out and foreplaying and he reaches down and places his finger in between my lips and feels all this wetness and a low "oh" sound (like omg i must have you now)..and then he starts to get even more turned on,and rougher with me...but as far as laying on my back,its kinda boring unless hes puttin his mouth to work..i like my **** licked and sucked while being fingered..but he cant get tired!and he has to rub the g spot..i mean come on,did you forget about the friggin g spot?that being massaged plus a **** rubbin..whoooooo..o ma dear i can be a little hard to get off like that..i tend to be the type of girl that can only get off on top..which sucks...

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great story - so well explained

seems to me you need a little help with someone taht knows how to solve these issues... you know disapear form the rest of the family, go away to some nice place and enjoy a relaxing evening where all is valid, where all the pleasures are not limited to time, no interruptions, just fun relaxation...<br />
<br />
I need a break too... lol<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

very sexy must be a nice and tight fit and when your shaved slick and wet it must feel like a silk hole all warm and juicy oh my im getting excited now just thinking of your sweet tight slick *****.... very nice story

He should also tongue ur cute lil ******* while he's licking & sucking on your ***** & ****... Licking you like a rabid dog that can't get enough of ur awsum & pretty lil holes... That's the best & you will LOVE it

Take what you can get now then and start working on your goal of having your own place so you can be free to try it all! Also nothing wrong with being a topgirl.

LOL well that can be fun sometimes too ;-)

it jus makes me feel like a little kid tho!

Ah so it sounds like you guys just have to do the quick down and dirty when ever you time to plan and play around with different things? <br />
<br />
When I was in that situation I tended to go on lots of drives with my gfs and find secluded spots to have some fun, though it is a tight fit in the back of a car :-)

well its hard to experiment with a lot of positions because we have no privacy..we cant go to his house cuz his parents hate me and his mom is possessive of him..and we have a little more here at my house,but my gma is always knocking on my door and ****..we used to live together at one point and time..but thats a whole different story

My ex wife was one of those girls who needed to be riding on top to get off from sex, though I did manage to train her to get off in a number of positions after a lot of practice :-)