I was home alone when I heard a knock at my front door, it was my boyfriend who said he wanted to surprise me. I invited him in as we sat down on the couch. I looked at him deviously and told him nobody else was here apart from us. He scooted up to me as we kissed. I broke it to tell him let's go to my room, so we went. We jumped onto my bed and he put my legs around his waist while. We madeout for about 10 minutes then he tugged at my tshirt, I took mine and his tshirt off as he rubbed up and down my legs and pulled my shorts off. I was so wet when he started to kiss and suck my neck. He went under my panties and trailed his index finger along my lips and made a little circle round my ****. I let out little moans and gasped when he slid his middle finger inside me. He started to move his arm a little faster as I moaned louder. We madeout again while he was doing this which drowned out some of my louder moans. I was getting close as he added a 2nd finger. After a couple more minutes of him going faster I orgasmed. It was so good my eyes rolled back and my back arched. I came all over his hand. I made my way to his jeans then but that's another story;)
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very sexy

Very sexy Hun. Fingering is very intimate