I wanna get fisted but I couldn't find someone to do it
celinen celinen
22-25, F
17 Responses Aug 21, 2014

where you at?

I will gladly help you out. Message me, add me.

I would love to chat

how could that be? I'm shocked!

I would LUV 2 fist ur *****

I would do it

Still need help?

Done it once with a Lady. Absolutely awesome experience. Where are you ?

Would love to talk about it's great thing I love doing it the feeling of being inside

Would like to help, by my hand is too big! Might split you in half

Lmao 😂💦

its true, im 6.6 ft.. and hands match my height..

yeah would gladly help but suspect im too far away :( the idea of you full to the brim and squirming in extasy is such a turn on ;)

Well... where did you look?

I would be more than happy to help you out.

I would love to talk to you, hit me with a message if you like

You mean you want somebody to beat you up?

haha! no hunny..... instead of fingering slowly insert your whole hand and curl it up into a fist.... its an amazing experience when take it slowly and lota and lots of lube

Message me