Buy Your Own Flowers

Buy Your Own Flowers

When I was still married, and when my kids were still at home, I could always count on getting some flowers. But now, divorced and with kids grown and flown, I miss them all of course, but I also missed receiving flowers. Then it came to me, I could go buy myself some flowers. It was an amazing realisation for me. I never did anything for myself before without feeling guilty.

So I bought myself some flowers. I didn't spend a lot, just enough to tell myself I was worth it. It felt good, and every time I looked at them I felt good. Now when I think back to that time, what I remember most is the power I felt at taking care of my own wants and needs.

I had learned to take care of myself, to give myself gifts. I learned to give myself what I needed instead of waiting around for others to give it to me.

It began with a small bunch of flowers and grew into full personal and spiritual independence.

We were taught that we had to wait to be told how wonderful and loved we are. But we don't, not anymore. We can love, respect and appreciate ourselves just as we are.

Teach your children that it is okay to buy themselves a nice card or a small gift simply because they are worth it. Teach your children to do nice things for themselves as well as others. Teach them that they do not have to spend their life waiting for someone to give them these things.

Think of the special things you can do for yourself. If you have a special someone, that is a bonus. But, the only person who stays with us from the time we are born until the day we die is our own self. Shouldn't we appreciate that special person too. Give yourself a gift.

Zaira Zaira
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2007

What a great message: if you can control your own happiness, then you can be happy no matter what.