Oopsie Daisy

I enjoy getting flowers but I would rather not get roses. I like the pretty boquets of various flowers. The last time I got flowers though I joked about how he must be sucking up for something he had done wrong. Of course he said no and that he just loved me. The day after that I found out that all of my transmission fluid had been drainded out of my car. My hubby had changed the oil and drained the transmission fluid instead. That was a couple of days before I got the flowers and I had been driving with no fluid for a few days. He felt so bad! We had to have my car towed to a lot to have it fixed. He apparently is not the mechanic he thought he was. So I guess in a way he was sucking up for something he didn't realize he had done. I cant wait for the next time I get flowers!!! Maybe that is why I haven't got them in a while.
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2007

People shouldn't just give flowers because they did something wrong, or to say sorry... They should do it often, because it is a joy to give and show love... Love should not only be reserved for special occasions, but should be shown everyday...