Older Married Men

Feels so good to get ****** by married men! Ones whose wives don't care to please them. They secretly crave some new horny ***** to ****! It is nice to give him ***** just like he wants it, watch him go crazy and indulge!

It would be sexy to force his wife to watch, especially if she's very jealous! Tie her up, make her watch, stick a vibrator in her ***** and force her to *** while she's screaming and crying and watching her husband pounding another ***** so hard!
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9 Responses Jan 10, 2013

"Nothing more exciting to a man, then new *****." D.W. she used to work in the adult industry, I swear it's true! That's why married men love 'new *****' and don't really have great sex at home.

You paint a great picture...sounds very hot

Love to eat an. **** u all night

That is good one. Great fantasy!

So ******* hot!!!

I like your style ! what a naughty sexy hot babe you are ! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This is exactly what I'm looking for ,,, if I could only find a sexy horny woman I would so do it ! And I'm positively sure that my wife would love it after words !!!

Exactly !!! She's EXTREMELY jealous ,,, she loves me very much , tells me I'm the best ****** ,,,freak out if I say hi to another woman or if they just look at me,,, but I don't ******* understand why she won't please me ,,, she's always complaining that I hurt her ( so I can never **** her hard ) I love her *** ,,, but she doesn't like anal , not only that , I love liking, kissing and tongue **** her *** ,,, but again she doesn't like it ,,, but she loves to watch our videos ,,, so right there i know , at first she would go insane , but right after you stick that ***** on her ***** till she squirts she'll love it !!! so if I ever find a woman like you I so would do it !!! After I read what you wrote it became an obsession to do that !!! Thank you for that brilliant idea !!!

You became my dream !!!

Holy wow, you have just made me a new fantasy, yes, I want that very much. Married man here, love to **** new ***** that loves a married man. The idea of tying the wife up and making her watch, well that is incredible.

how many older married men have you ****** and brought joy to?

where do you find your naughty married men?

how did you get your first married trophy?