A Pool Party Like No Other

A few years ago, I was sent on a business trip to Phoenix. After the conference, my flight did not leave until the next day, so I took a random drive with no particular plan. I drove around for a couple of hours, and finally was thoroughly lost in a residential subdivision. I'm one of those people that tries to not ask directions, but eventually, I had no idea how to get back to the freeway. I saw a group of cars in front of a house, heard some general party noise, and finally gave in and went to the house to ask directions.

When I got to the house, there was a lot of noise coming from the back yard. I rang the bell, but no one answered. A young woman came up from behind me at that moment, and I tried to ask her directions. She said her name was Amy, that she did not know the shortest way to the freeway, and said there were a lot of people in the backyard, and that someone would probably know. The thing that struck me about Amy was her long brown hair. Really silky, almost like a TV commercial. You know, super clean. She was nice and thin, and I have always been partial to that. She wore blue jeans and a purple long sleeved shirt, but tied off at the midriff. I just had a feeling right then that I was not going anywhere, at least not voluntarily.

So I followed Amy into the yard (as though I had any real choice), and there was quite a crowd around a pretty large pool, at least for a house. Amy grabbed me by the sleeve and led me towards a group standing near the pool. She explained to a guy that I was lost, and asked him which way the freeway was. However, it was so noisy that he could not hear the question over the conversation and music.

After asking three or four times. Amy looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and made a motion suggesting a drink. I nodded, and she went off towards an improvised bar in the yard, with a couple of kegs in front. I had no appointments, knew no one in town, and so I figured this was as good a pit stop as any. But you have been to parties like this, where in front of the kegs, a fair amount of beer and other drinks had already soaked the grass and walkway. As Amy got to the keg, it was so muddy and messy that she took off her heels, and threw them near some others next to the bar, squished up to the nearest keg, and got two large beers, spilling a bit on her jeans in the process. She was definitely different from my last girlfriend, who guarded her shoes as carefully as jewelry.

I watched Amy bring back the beer with some amusement, because the yard was really starting to get packed. Amy would have to raise the glasses and sidestep various groups of people as she came back. She finally brought the beers back to our spot by the pool, handed me mine, and I thanked her three times, but she really couldn't hear me well with all the noise.

Now Phoenix in the summer is broiling hot, almost like a furnace. On this evening, the sun had only just set, and it felt like an oven. I could feel the heat from the concrete around the pool coming up through the soles of my feet. Strangely though, not one person was in the pool. About half the crowd had swimming trunks on, but Amy and I were dressed in blue jeans, and given how crowded the yard was, neither Amy nor I were going to move very far.

I looked at the pool. You know how many hotel pools these days are shallow, to prevent accidents. Not this one. Amy and I were next to the diving board, and it was deep, really deep, and beautifully clear and clean. The lights sparkled off the water, and it looked just so inviting.

We sipped our beer, and tried to make conversation over the noise, but that was tough. Eventually we drained our drinks, and Amy made a motion to go and get some more. She took my cup, but it was now so crowded that you almost could not move. There was a large group of people behind us, so Amy could not move that way. The diving board blocked the way on the other side, so to move, you had to walk along the edge of the pool towards the corner where there was a little room to get to the kegs.

Amy held on to my shirtsleeve for balance while she started to walk along the edge of the pool, but it was tight. She had the front of her foot on the concrete, but the heels of her feet were hanging over the water. Just then, a guy behind us lurched backwards, bumping into me. I tried not to, but I could not help taking an involuntary step towards the pool, right where Amy was. Just ever so gently, I bumped into her, and she started to fall backwards, towards the pool. She already was holding on to my shirtsleeve for balance, and now her other hand reflexively grabbed the collar of my shirt. She really grabbed the collar tight, and so I stepped again towards her. But there was no ground left to stand on.

We both tumbled into that beautiful, deep, clear, sparkling pool. It wasn't the right moment, but Amy and I were past the point of no return. There was no regaining our balance, and in a matter of seconds, I felt the water close over my head. It was warm too, but that was no surprise in Phoenix in the summer. Then I was back to the surface, and I saw Amy, with her long silky clean brown hair plastered to her head and back. Her light purple shirt had turned a rich dark shade of purple. The knot in her shirt had come undone, and you could see her black bra clearly underneath her shirt. Her jeans had turned a dark shade of blue, as she treaded water barefoot. She was a mess, but to me, she was so gorgeous like that. I couldn't help it: she was beautiful and magnetically attractive.

Fortunately, she came up to the surface laughing. Some women worry about their clothes in a situation like that, and some take it in stride. Fortunately, Amy was enjoying herself, and I was having the time of my life, just seeing Amy completely drenched. Of course, there was the usual applause from the crowd, but no one else took the plunge. I guess that in some places, it has to be 120 before anyone dives in.

The water felt really good, and I felt luxurious swimming in jeans, getting to feast my eyes on Amy. Amy swam over to the ladder, and as she pulled herself out of the pool, the water cascaded from her. It gushed from her shiny, dark jeans, and fell in small streams from her shirt. She didn't care. I got out behind her. She motioned towards the bar where her shoes were, and we got our refills, and laughed as we downed our beer.

Amy shouted that she lived nearby, but before she could finish shouting the sentence over the noise, she started patting her pockets. I heard her say something about "my keys," and we edged our way through the crowd towards the pool.

Sure enough, like shimmering, shiny pieces of silver, there were Amy's car keys at the bottom of the pool, at the bottom of the deep end too. Amy just handed her shoes to me, and did one heck of a graceful dive into that pool. She got to the bottom, and just barely missed snagging the keys. I was leaning over the edge watching her, and as she came up empty handed, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in again.

The keys were not going anywhere, and we just played and had fun in that pool, with the party going on around us, but who cared if some people stared and laughed? Amy was just so drop dead gorgeous in that pool.

We eventually got out (with Amy's keys and soaked shoes, finally), and made our way out of the party.

I wish I could say that this was the start of a great romance. However, even though she wore no ring, Amy was engaged to be married. We did not stay together that night. Since that night, I have thought about Amy literally thousands of times. I just can't help it. She is, and always will be, for me, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It is almost as though I have been imprinted with her vision. More to the point, of all the ways in which I have met a woman, that was the most fun, and the most sexy at the the same time. However, I have promised myself that if I ever meet another woman in remotely similar wet, soaked, and drenched circumstances, I will not let the situation end like that. More than how Amy looked that night, it was her willingness to dive back in and just have fun. It turns out that not that many people really love getting soaked, in the spontaneous and free way that Amy did. I will look for a soulmate, for as long as it takes, someone who is willing to plunge in, just as she is.

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