Wet Shirt

Last Saturday I went to the movies. On the way there it began to downpour with thunder and lightning. Though I had an umbrella in the truck I decided not to use it. The parking lot was quite full, so I did have to park a little far from the entrance. I took my time walking to the door and along the way my t-shirt got pretty wet. The cool theater air made my nipples stand up at attention when I walked in. I was so horny thinking about the feeling of sitting there in a wet shirt, wishing my jeans and "panties" would have gotten wet also. I also was wishing I could have done that in a nice thin sundress and sandals instead of my male clothes. Oh well, maybe someday.
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Well I'm glad we became friends luv, Jessica so loves to get wet and messy while dressed in femme clothes. I have some stories, pics, and links in my blog to wet and messy stuff. We'll have to chat and come up with some good wet and messy sissy stories we could do with each other.<br />
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You name it, cream, chocolate, eggs, pies, fruit, jelly, paint, Jessica's been covered in it, and filled her panties with it.