I love too self-gunge but recently i have run out of good, exciting ideas, If anyone has any dares or suggests for what i could do please comment.
Thank you.
messysamuel messysamuel
5 Responses Jul 16, 2010

hi all i would love to fill my wellies up with custard i have filled them with baked beans and also mud.

I dare you to fill your wellies with custard then put them on and wear them for an hour! Do u have a dare for me?

The last time I did it it took several days to prepare about 30 naked eggs. I bought a bulck flat of 30 eggs and made them in a ice cream pale.

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome, may take a while to prepare though!

Have you tried using naked eggs? They are vary fun to WAM with. If you don't know what naked eggs are google the term to find out how to make them.