It's Freezing! We'd Better Get Muddy Indoors Then!

My friend and I had planned another visit to our favourite river bank yesterday to have a sink in the gorgeous mud there, but it was really cold, actually down to freezing, so we decided to make a warm mud bath in my house. We both love this as you can really "let go" and not worry about looking weird. I think most of the public fail to "get" two young girls, in mud, in all their clothes! I set the pool up in the usual style, next to the back door, and filled it almost to the top with nice stone-free soil (I've actually kept the mud in a heap outside and used mostly the same stuff). I then connected a hose to the hot tap and pretty soon had what can only be described as a beautiful big steaming mud bath. I made it about a foot deep as well! We were both very excited about having a warm bath, so to speak! My friend had visited my house already dressed in the clothes she wanted to wallow in, as usual she hadn't brought any more with her! I love her carefree confidence sometimes. Imagine wearing nice clothes, getting absolutely covered head to toe in mud and not having a plan! She wore a nice teal coloured jumper, fitted, with a v-neck, some blue skinny jeans, and red lace up sneakers (a bit like converse). The bottom three inches of her jeans were turned up and looked very cute, this also exposed her lime green and red stripey socks. I'd put on a black satin shirt, some light blue skinny jeans and one of my favourite pairs of ballet pumps, with a strap fastened by a popper. I've found these ones easier to keep on my feet in thick mud before! I also wore some brand new socks that I'd been given for Christmas, they're black with bright red toes and heels and a "Friday" logo on the leg. I've got a week's worth and they all have different coloured heels / toes (all black though). We decided to climb into the mud pool together and have a fun wrestle to see who could get the other down in the mud first! We got in on opposite sides. I loved the feeling of the hot mud soaking my feet, it's just dreamy! My friend was squealing with delight as she lowered her feet in. She lifted one back out and showed me her now creamy brown plimsoll. It was certainly deeper than I've ever made it before. I walked towards her and tried to pull her over. We playfully grappled for a few minutes until she screamed and fell onto her bum with a splat! Her foot had come right out of her right shoe and this had unbalanced her. Her socks were amazing. Not only were they lime green and red striped, they also had jet black heels and toes. Maybe the coolest socks I've ever seen. Anyway, her right sock wasn't bright for long, being shoeless in the pit! I rubbed big handfulls of the warm ooze all over her clothes, I even found her shoe and filled it up! I was the winner, only muddy halfway to my knees, and I still had my shoes on! My friend stood up and gave me a big hug! She likes doing this. We then sat down together and just relaxed in the warmth of the mud. She took her other shoe off and stirred the gunge around with her socked feet and I found myself fancying a bit of that so I pulled my straps undone and stood up. My pumps stuck fast in the mud and I stepped out of them, enjoying a fleeting glimpse of the bright red toes of my socks before they were enveloped in the warm ooze. We rolled around and totally covered each other in it. We even "shampooed" our hair with mud again! There was no desire to get out because the warm mud felt so cosy, we actually stayed in the pool for two hours! I kept the hose on the hot tap for our clean up, I don't know why I haven't thought of this before! This was a tremendous session, really fun and sensual, especially once the shoes came off! Hot mud is the way forward!
sophiechick sophiechick
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2012