Finally Got My Dream!!

I wrote previously about my dream on the curious story. I have the best gf ever. I went out on saturday afternoon to a out of town area. My gf demanded me get into my "*****" outfit. ( 2x tall short sleeve shirt and colorful huge pajama pants) she then put me out of the car. Might i add there are tons of ppl around and here i am in this outfit. Its humiliating but im loving it. She then proceedee to take me over to this lake where there was a building. Half open half building thing. She told me arms out next thing i knew i was habdcuffed between to poles. Next i was to spread my legs. They were shackled as well. Then she put the keys on a necklace and put it around my neck. This was my predicament. Next thing i know ppl are staring in shock an awe. And then what does my gf do? She takes a handful of mucky mud and splat all over my face and mouth. She goes and tells everyone if u wish throw anything at him thats anot gonna hurt him of course. Im fully humiliated at this point but i cant move at all. So ppl really liked thiss especially girls. I got eveything from spit to **** to mud and food. Some better than others but oh well. Next thing i know id im being let go only to be tied up extremely tight. Cuffed elbows tied knees ankles tied on the ground. I cant ride home dirty like that so i must wash off in the lake about 100 ft away. Wow i think this is gonna be hard. So she helps me with this. A rope is ran between my arms and she drug me through anything she could. I loved it. My turn next time.
Jclark022 Jclark022
Feb 23, 2012