Yesterday Was Haircut Day! :)

Hey guys

Latest haircut and colour, DONE! And i absolutely love it. Now rocking a blonde (yes blonde!) crop with an undercut! Eeeeeee :)
Four hours it took in total and it was worth every second! Amazing experience and ofcourse my tingling feeling was present as ever :)
Having been on holiday my hair had grown like crazy and he took a lot off, which was amazing and then he suggested the undercut!! He hairdresser knows he can pretty much suggest most things and I'll give them ago :)
Whole thing done scissor over comb and it looks fab!
I've posted a few pics, check em out :)
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1 Response May 27, 2013

I hope you're still out there, girl. I just got my hair cut last weekend and throughout the cut, my scalp was tingling. A very pleasant tingling, I might add! A noticeable tingle was there well into the next day. It had diminished some but definitely still there. Not only that, but I can rekindle it somewhat by running my hands from the temple to nape areas- even after three days!

I'm most interested, did you have anything like this? Seriously. I've done some reading since my haircut, my VERY short haircut and it may be that I have an ASMR.