Nothing Better

Than waking up to the nice sound of slurpping. It starts your morning off with a bang. You feel stress free, confident. Just an all around good day.
Jamcojay Jamcojay
31-35, M
6 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Agree! It always makes a day better. The perfect start to a morning and a great stress reliever.

leaves me drained all day!<br />
(in more ways than one)

hahahha as always it always great to get sucked off in the morning

EWWW...hell no poking your pole in someones' hole would be much better in a women's opionion. Dont'cha wanna please your lady? Something to think about, I wish you luck with this and hope you have or find a nice women to satisfy your needs and play deep throat with you in the early hrs. Best wishes!!!! Have FUN~!!!

Yup, it's better than coffee!

MEN!! ;P