Six Long Years & Now I Crave It

I'm the woman who hated receiving but loved to give *to my man of course*. Now, I have a fair body count so I've gotten head many of times from just about all my parters in the past, I HATED IT. I hated anything being done to my ****, touched, licked, sucked, I hated the **** so head was out of the question, that all changed in December of 2012. I met the love of my life 3 years ago & I only let him go down on me once, & like other men, he sucked. He surprised me one day while we were f***ing & just started going in on me & I loved it, I was surprised because all the years, all the people that tried, people I thought I was in love with, they all could never satisfy me in that way. He eats my p**** every time we have sex now & I crave it all the time now, I still can't believe it. I love when he sucks on my **** & he makes me *** like crazy. I can't say that I love head in general, but I love his. Idk, maybe I have to have something real with someone to even enjoy sex period because he makes me feel things sexually that no other man has, he's also my first love... But f*** all that, point is, I LOVE GETTING MY P**** ATE : )
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Jan 19, 2013