Enjoy Sharing Events In The Written Form.

Letter writing is a dying art as the telephone,text,e mail and instant messaging have all taken over from the original old fashioned letter writing.A result of this has to be the declining standards of the average persons vocabulary,they have no incentive to glean new information from the dictionary,in fact I shudder to think how many of the younger generation have ever even picked up the named article.
I am no different from anyone else,although I do enjoy expressing myself in the written word,I have made numerous postings on the Experience Project.
I have received several comments from other members who clearly could not understand the question that I was asking,they have replied to the effect that English must be a second language to me,I must admit it did make me laugh,I have no idea where that notion came from.
It is sad that letter writing is on the decline,there is nothing better early in the morning when the postman comes calling to see a hand written drop to the floor with your name on it.Always I study the handwriting to establish whether or not I can place the hand.A brief moment of excitement and it may be a letter from anywhere.
I guess we have to move on with the times and accept these new and wonderful forms of communication however I will always hope for a real letter to drop onto the carpet.
garvan garvan
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Artsydesigns,thank you a kind and generous comment,thank you.