From Our Tenant

This is just part of the story. I find it hard to write about my life and sharing . Stepping out of character here-hope to do it more! Our home we rented out almost two years ago. Bought another home a hour away. Our tenants, they were living in a RV trailer in a state park. Paying 700.00 a month rent, husband-wife and their two young daughters. After many applications..... When we met them; looking in the girls big brown eyes. It was easy we knew we could make a difference.  And they have been a blessing!

Something's happening of late, and it's giving people hope. It never felt out of sync with the way we've grown used to doing things, but it's clear that there are plenty of instances where people can put hope into action and their children can gain a valuable education . Something truly great, a remarkable gift lavished on both of us . A beautiful picture of what amazing giving has the power to do.  Showered down on all of us!

Today a letter of thankfulness and joy poured over me, pure and simple .

The letter........

Hello .....Mrs to me ;)

Hope everything is well for you. As always you are in our prayers . Thank you so much for the stuff for the girls they were really excited.
I love my dish too! Ready for the holidays?
I can't believe time goes so fast Terry is in 2nd grade already. I can't even tell you how blessed we are with her school down the street, this neighborhood is truly awesome!
God Bless you and your family and thank you for letting us live here!

Love The Family!

I go there once a month and take them gifts ;) I just lov this family... and they appreciate I do them! Every month with the rent check I get a lovely letter,   I save each one . And we only charge a small amount in rent, two times less what we could charge ...we do it because we want their lives better! ;) And it feels warm to our hearts! And we get blessings back! Priceless ones! hearts smile :)

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Hon you have special intuition and your talking about a guy that grew up here.If this is the one that messed up when he was younger?You gave him a chance and he proved himself. And he made it!His kid's are reaping rewards.Because of a giving heart as yours I'm one too! Give to us JD and my wife. Hugs love CB<br />
you inspire many and sure they get ideas from you good ones :) more than a few even here amazing story thanks hon keep opening and sharing

Candy and you've told me about how empty your life was at home;growing up how your own family bullied you! And how you want to give back..And you made it on your own..and not easy! Hugs big bear hugs! Keep sharing!(((Proud of you)))

Such a special caring story................makes life worth living! love admire you!Thanks for sharing hope you share more! HUGS Jack :) I have two girls so know what you mean.

If only we all could do something as this,makes life really worth living special you are! inspiring!love you XXXX

Yes it warms the heart, get so much back simple beautiful warm words...kid's are treasures... yet touching the heart! (((HUGS rainbow ones))) thank you mtvlm ... your a great EP friend! one in a million!<br />
<br />
Eyeno he is too! ;) gr8 EP pals!

It is always a good feeling when you can help someone else out just a bit so that they can get so much farther than what they could by themselves.... ((((HUGS))))

Hugs my Tiger thank you just glad we can see this miracle ;) we are all blessed ;)<br />
Thank you to read and comment means so much! (((HUGS))) rainbow ones!