Me, You And B.b.king.....

Today I have the house to myself, music ..It cold and rainy, a day for the blues. B.B. King , none better.I start with[ Sweet little Angel] .Good song, light as far as blues go , sweet an light, move on to[ Rock me Baby], I can feel you near, closing my eyes,as the strains move me,.Then comes [Hummingbird,] you touch me , mm feeling your fingers move over my body. [Into the Night] comes next, Your kisses on my neck[,Guess Who,] kisses on my face.[.Please Accept my love] , a smooth song, yearnings like , the fever that is burning inside me[.Please Love Me,] brings your body next to me, ever closer, , I can feel you[.Chains and Things], you take me in your arms close[.Aint Nobody Home] sends the chills that run down my body , just like your touch.[ Never Make LoveTo Soon] makes the moisture flow from me, my breathing increasing , your tongue on my body, [Dont Answer the Door] a down beat that brings you between my legs , And as we make love [Stormy Monday] Is your sighs of pleasure. Together we *** to the wails of {I'll Survive] , and laying in the after glow with [ To Know You is to Love You], You me and BB King,

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Jan 15, 2013