The Road to Nowhere Leads to Fun!

Sugar and I love to drive with no destination. We have had some of the best times when we just ride around and lose track of where we are. We have found interesting places that we wouldn't have found and great places to eat. We both love architecture so sometimes we just "house watch". I don't think we've had a bad experience yet. The next time you are out driving, turn off your gps and "try" to get lost. You may be surprised what you find!

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9 Responses Jan 26, 2009

Like Sugar and I were.....

Aaaahh... if only my in laws are like you and Sugar... then the faerie's life would be sooo sweet...

There is something calming about that isn't there?

With my crappy sense of direction it's super easy to find adventure :)

I'm with you. I love wandering too! Love the different scenery, different places. Great way to while away a Sunday afternoon with a long drive :)

ha ha, you are right. We haven't made the wrong decision yet :)

And the great thing? It doesn't matter!

Isn't it the best? Enjoy the trip instead of the destination. We have had so many memorable times doing this simple thing. It starts with "which way...right or left" :)

We do this a lot. No place to go, no place to be, just go where we will. The focus becomes us just having a good time, doing whatever together, wherever we land.