The Only Way To Keep In Touch Is A Letter In The Mail...

 On Friday i got two letters in the mail an it felt good getting them... as they were from friends i made in USA that have been incarcerated...I first wrote them a letter an didn't think they would reply but when i got a letter back i was ecstatic... As most people would prefer phones or computer... OK some times we have to rely on the computer as technology has improved an it is all electronic now days... but i found receiving an righting letters the good old fashioned way was more of a personal touch when keeping in touch... 
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3 Responses Oct 10, 2010

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if i could have your address i would love to write to you.... sometimes it make your day....i live in new york......just say the word

aww sorry you dont get to speak to him ... but it dose give a good feeling getting a hand written letter

I know exactly how you feel.. my husband is in california for Marine bootcamp and we have no contact with eachother except for letters. the feeling you open that mailbox and letters handwritten are inside just makes my heart melt!