I didn't love getting muddy when this happened, but I've never stopped thinking about it over the years. So here goes..

I was teased a lot growing up, for being clumsy and kinda chubby. Then I developed early (you know, big boobs and stuff) and I got made fun of relentlessly for that by some of the meaner kids. Girls especially, you know how girls are!

Anyway, I was kind of shy because of all that, but I still tried to be good. Dress nice, be polite and well behaved, all that. Because I was a little heavy (still am), I dressed nicer than most teenagers to try and make up for it.

Well one afternoon when I was in high school I went to a summer picnic/BBQ at my church with my parents and little sister. I was all dressed up since it was after church. I remember what I was wearing clear as day - a light blue chiffon dress with a sweetheart neckline and a knee-length flowy skirt, light colored pantyhose, and little flats. Of course my hair was all done and I was wearing my little cross and my pearls too.

It had been raining and the field where the picnic was had gotten all soggy and muddy, but when they set up the tables they made walkways with plastic to get around on. So I thought I'd be okay and didn't worry too much. Big mistake!

I went and loaded up my plate with BBQ chicken, beans, coleslaw, corn pudding, lemon cake - all good BBQ food. I was carefully walking back to sit with my family when I heard someone call out my name. When I stopped to see who had done it, disaster struck. My foot slipped on the plastic tarp and it's like the next minute was is slow motion.

I tried to catch my balance but only ended up splattering myself with the contents of my plate. I don't think anyone noticed, cause I promptly slid down this little hill to end up face down in a huge muddy puddle. I still remember the gross splat it made. I squealed like I'd been struck by lightning and just laid there in the slimy mud, totally shocked.

People were howling with laughter. I tried to get up carefully and slipped a second time, but managed to end up standing, plastered with mud from head to toe. I was totally mortified, I couldn't look anyone in the eye.

One of the guys from the church, a younger guy who was training to be a preacher (who I had a total crush on), came and made sure I was ok. I said I was but I must've looked miserable cause he told me he'd walk me over to get cleaned up back at the church.

I trudged over with him, trying to avoid everyone's eyes, and scraped the worst of the mud off in the church bathroom. I looked like a filthy mess, even my hair was coming loose and caked with mud. It was even down my dress and all in my bra!

I ended up having to get hosed off by my crush while I stood there blushing and trying to rinse the thick red mud out of my skirt. It got me cleaner but really stuck my dress to me. I think he kinda liked the view he was getting, but I was too upset to notice til later. Ugh, it was horrible. Everything was stained and totally ruined, but at least I wasn't dripping mud all over.

I squelched back to the picnic to sit with my family. They wouldn't let us leave early cause my sister was having fun, so I just sat there and tried to ignore the snickers at my sopping wet, muddy situation. So embarrassing.

When I got back to school on Monday someone had spread a rumor that I'd rolled around in the mud on purpose and I got oinked at for the rest of the school year. I don't think I ever lived it down - someone mentioned it at my last high school reuinion! Thank god they didn't oink.

Years later I realized I get excited by thinking about that day, being covered in mud in front of everyone. I've never done it again because I'm so scared of embarrassing myself like that in public. But I think about it alot.
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Sounds like if it happened today, you wouldn't be in such a rush to get yourself cleaned off, and would be SO turned on by the snickers, comments, etc!

Great story

Getting muddy, or wet while fully clothed is a very erotic experience on it's own. Elements of humiliation can make events such as falling into mud or getting pushed into a pool fully clothed even more arousing. I think you should get muddy again, or try taking a fully clothed swim/bath. There is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in those activities.

I might try taking a bath in my clothes. I've never done that before! Or maybe falling into the pool wearing something kinda see-through so everyone could see my panties, that would be super humiliating.

Yes! I definitely recommend trying out a fully clothed bath for the erotic appeal. Falling in a pool, or getting someone to push you in when dressed up in nice clothing can be very humiliating and erotic. I know that was my experience the first time I was pushed in. I was upset, embarrassed, and also turned on.

Either one would be quite good, not to mention they'd make for some interesting stories! :-D

How long were you there before you fell in the mud? Did anyone fall in before or after you?

How new was your dress? Did it come clean again?

Well, I'd been in church for a while beforehand, but we were probably only out there like 15-20 minutes before I fell. I was the only one who fell, too! I guess they all learned the lesson from me, haha.

I'd worn the dress several times before. It still looked new, though. I'd just wear it to church and then put it away. It was one of my favorites, but it was totally ruined after that. Really sad, too, because it was so cute and fit really well. It was kinda hard to find plus size dresses that fit and still looked cute, not like these days.

I feel sorry for you with what happen to you aleast it behind you, but now adays getting muddy is fun to do,a nd you can do it in private not in publick

That sounds cool when you put it that way. You got muddy, liked it, and got to enjoy the feeling in public. Go with it :)

Didn't like it when it happened, though. It still kinda makes me shudder. I just can't stop thinking about it lately and how much I want to get muddy like that again. Like really, really dirty when I haven't planned it at all.

You should def do it, again in your best clothes!