In My ***

My wife told me she wanted to watch me lick a Man's *** and **** him in the ***. We went to a local dance club bar where my wife picked up a man. She brought him back to our place where she ******** for him and removed all his clothes. After she removed his clothes she began to suck his ****. I was in the doorway watching although, he had not noticed I was there watching them. As she sucked his **** he began to fondle her ****. He was getting very excited and started to really pump her face. As he sped up his pace and began to moan from the pleasure he was receiving from my wife's tight, wet, velvet mouth, I removed all of my clothes and moved on behind him. I walked up to him and dropped to my knees behind him and began to lick his buttocks. He turned his head with a extreme look of surprise but kept pumping his **** into my wife's mouth. He pushed backward against my licks and shifted so the crack of his *** has meeting my licks. I took my hands and parted his buns and began to lick directly onto and around his anus. He pushed back more and wanted my tonge up his ***. I started to tonge **** his *** and he began to moan and say **** my ***, lick it, that feels soo good. After a few minutes of this he started to tell me oh, **** my ***, I need your **** in my ***. With that I placed a lot of drool and mouth lube directly onto his ***, stood up and took my hand and pushed him over toward my wife under him sucking his ****. I placed the head of my **** against his *** and held it there, he began to push back onto my **** saying over and over, **** me in my *** while she sucks me. He began to rock back and forth between us pushing my **** deeper and deeper into his *** until my **** was all the way in and my balls were slapping against his butt. He began to moan and say this feels out of this world. He picked up a lot of speed pivoting back and forth and all of a sudden, I felt his *** start to spasm as he shot loads of *** into my wife's awaiting mouth. This made me start ******* and shooting into his ***. My wife removed her mouth as she swallowed his last drops of *** and told me, oh yeah baby *** in his *** as she started to rum her ***** very quickly and started to ***. I shot and shot loads of hot *** into his ***. My wife said, oh baby the site of you ******* him in his *** is making me *** so hard. I love it - please **** my *** too.
Asspleasure Asspleasure
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Fabulous sweetie

Whoa.... that is one hot encounter... I was I was that guy.