Very Close To A Fettish For Me I Think, ,smile>.

I can't believe there's such a group as this but it's very cool that there is. I'm in my 40's now but when i was about 18 I met a woman who loved to scratch when we played. I'd often had fantasies about this but never actually experienced it, I discovered it was quite a passion and it still is. In the mid 80's I was in a 2 yer plus relationship with a woman who would not scratch me, ever, she even hated it when she did so accidentally, and I missed it terribly. I am now with my life partner, we've been together for years and fortunately for me she loves to scratch me. I'm happy to give or receive but LOVE to be scrathed, you can't do it too hard. I love when after a play I can feel that sting, or when I next get in the shower, the whole thing, and yes, I love it when you leave visible marks, I think it's close to a fettish? .
pgnimmo pgnimmo
Aug 12, 2010