My Sister's Friend

When I was 16, my younger sister was allowed to invite her friend Amy for a sleep over. Both Amy and my sister were only 13 at the time, and we had known Amy for about 4. Amy was super cute, with shoulder length blonde hair, and budding boobs. She was slim and a normal height for her age.

Amy had been dropped off early that day, so she and my sister spent the day in town, hanging out at a nearby mall, meeting up with other school friends, and all went to the movies. Once home, my sister was ill from all the junk food, and was told by Mom to go to bed and take it easy.

Amy was not ready for bed, so my Mom told me to chill with her and make her feel at home. After super and watching some tv, I said to Amy lets go and listen to music in my bedroom. By now, she was already changed for bed, wearing a long t-shirt that went to just above her knees, and panties underneath. I had my pjs on.

I had records scattered all over the floor, and as each song played we scrummaged through the albums looking for the next song to play. As we were both on the floor, every now and then her t-shirt would rise above her panties, and I would get hard. I've always found Amy attractive, and I found her skinny legs and tight bum super exciting to look at. With a growing hard-on, Amy soon noticed what was going on with me. I saw her looking at my crotch and asked her if she had ever seen a hard-on before. She said no, but that she knew what it was. I asked if she wanted to see mine, and she said Yes.

As I got on my knees I lowered my pj bottoms, and out stood my erect **** in front of her. She was mesmerized and stared at it, so I told her to touch it. As she put her small hands on my ****, I got so excited that pre-*** oozed out. She noticed and felt the juices, rubbing it onto my head with her thumb.

She seemed to be having fun, so I told her that it was only fair if I got to see her *****. Amy looked hesitant and unsure so I reassured her that this was all show and tell, and that I would not do anything nasty to her. So she sat back, lifted her t-shirt up to her belly and pulled off her panties. What a sight I had, me kneeling between her legs, rubbing my ****, and looking straight at her tight virgin ***** that had a slight mound of fuzz over it. I licked one of my fingers, and lightly touched her ***** lips, feeling her hymen that was slightly moist, and keeping her tight.

I was wanting to ***, and wanted Amy to suck me off. I stood up and took her by the hand and had her sit with me on my bed. By now I took off my pjs completely and laid back against the wall of my bed. I told Amy to slowly rub my **** and also to taste it. She laid down and rested her head on my tummy and took the head of my **** into her mouth. Again more pre-*** oozed out and into her mouth. I placed one hand on her head and reassured her that she was doing an amazing job; and my other hand was under her t-shirt and rubbing her bum, touching her ******* and *****. Her bum felt like my sister's, and I wondered in my mind if my sister's mouth would be as sweet as hers.

I was about to blow my load, and told Amy not to be freaked out with more juice coming out of my ****. I could feel my balls tighten, and all of a sudden I shot my load into Amy's 13 year old mouth. She gaged and lifted her head off my ****. More *** shot onto her face and t-shirt. She got drench and giggled as it seemed really funny to her. I saw some *** on her cheek so I cleaned it off with one of my fingers and put it into her sweet mouth for her to suck on. She swallowed the *** I put into her mouth, and said it tasted funny.

Before we cleaned up and heading off to bed, I had her lie on her back, so that I could look once more at her tight *****. I pulled her legs apart, and for about a minute, I licked her out. I found her **** and rubbed it. It was her first experience to have been felt up, and to realize the wonders of her ****. Needless to say she was keen to have another sleep over.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Was that your first sexual experience with a girl? It sound like Amy had the makings to become a good **********, since she didn't freak out the first time. Love to hear about any more encounters you had with her.

Damn that was exciting story. Got me SOO HARD.

nice it almost seems like u tried with ur sister before

wow! i get horny, i want to **** 13 years old girl :)