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Pvc Capes In The Salon

I just love the whole hair salon experience. Capes. Shampooing, Coloring, Perming.  But especially capes. It comes from when I was in high school in Liverpool I had to go to my neighbors salon after school until it closed at 5pm, after which she would give me a lift home. Because there were chemicals and dyes had to wear a gown as soon as I walked in to the salon so my uniform wouldn't get ruined. At first this just seemed practical. I would arrive at the salon around 4pm and Helen would tell me to get a cape or gown from the closet behind the reception desk and wait on one of the dome dryer chairs. I used to put on a long purple nylon robe that was just longer than my skirt and tied at the back of the neck. I'd sit down at one of the dryer chairs and do my homework or chat with one of the customers. Sometimes I would switch the dryer on if it was cold.  One afternoon I arrived at the salon and it was a busier than usual and all of the standard purple gowns were being worn. There were three other capes in the closet for special purposes but I hadn't worn any of these ones before or really looked at them closely. They looked quite old and were long and dark brown with long sleeves that had puffy elasticated cuffs with a deep neck collar fastened with press studs at the back of the neck and were made of a glossy, rubbery PVC. I'd only seen Helen use them on women for coloring, bleaching and perms.  I lifted it off the the hangar and was surprised at how heavy it was. I slid my right arm into the sleeve and pushed my hand through the tight elastic cuff and pulled the gown up to my shoulder. As I was doing the same with the left arm, Helen came over to the reception. She apologized that there were no regular gowns for me.  She helped me on with the PVC gown and pulled it tight behind my neck and fastened the collar. I thanked her ann walked over to the dryers, and arranged the gorgeous PVC over my legs as I crossed them. I couldn't stop touching the material and looking at the way it draped over me.  As the PVC gowns were usually available, I always went straight to those from that day forward. I have also had a major PVC salon cape fetish from that day forward. Luckily my Husband owns his own hair salon and loves my cape fetish and indulges me after hours most weeks ; ) x

MelanieMoss85 MelanieMoss85 26-30 6 Responses May 7, 2011

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i am put in a long plastic cape hands cuffed behind the chair, then the haircut begins a choice of style is not my decision!!

I have a nice collection of plastic capes now. A few of which are feminine looking

I remember those very we'll.. I went to a beauty shop as a teenager for haircuts.. The elderly assistant would use a long heavy plastic cape when she would shampoo my hair.

I have a PVC salon cape

The old femine capes were so sexy - remember going into salon with my mother as a young boy & seeing them (& wanting to touch them)<br />
<br />
Can image how you felt in one - even better naked underneath...

I used to get my hair cut in one of those old lady beauty shops.. The shampoo lady was elderly &amp; used long heavy plastic capes on me... Once I got the bright pink cape put on me.. She gave a great shampoo.

i too love the old fashioned female salons. especially the ones that use nice feminine capes.<br />
Unfortunately they are almost a thing of the past with all the modern salons using black capes.<br />
<br />
I would love to find a nice salon where a feminine cape was used on me.

those places here are extinct.. and the people as well.. Back in the 80's, I was a teen and went to a beauty shop from the 60's era.. Old equipment and decor along with the old beauticians.. One lady there about 70 would put on a long long heavy shampoo cape.. either a maroonish color one, a powder blue.. I got a bright pink one once and a transparent/translucent? one you could sort of see thru , brownish with a paisley design.. I hate black capes.. they're like trash can liners...... The ladies back then are probably in their 100's or dead... but I remember so vividly the way they caped toweled and shampooed my hair.

What a wonderful introduction to the world of the hairdressing salon! You are so lucky that your husband owns a salon. My husband washes my hair for me and gives me a trim from time to time although he isn't a trained stylist at all, just an enthusiastic amateur! I had my first shampoo and set back in the 60s - see my page - washingmyhair - and have loved the old-fashioned salon ever since. It is a shame that these days forward shampoos have been replaced by back-washes and those fabulous dome hair dryers have been replace with the hand held hair-dryer, although I do know a salon which still has two domes which are used for sets and perms... mmmm!