Naked Virgin

I was a late bloomer, I had some issues with my confidence. I wasn't bad looking, I played sports through high school, worked out, but was really shy around girls. I was a virgin through high school and didn't make out with a girl until my freshman year of college. For some reason I was almost nervous to have sex. My junior year of college I wanted to get over my inhibitions. I went to a club and met Becky. Becky wasn't the hottest girl in the club, but she dressed hot, you could tell she could be trouble, I thought she was awesome. She was almost as tall as me (I'm 5'10"), brown hair, slender and great boobs. Two nights after I met her, we were on the phone. She flat out tells me she likes getting kinky. She asks me what's your kink? I tell her I love getting naked. I hope that wasn't lame and praying I don't blow this with her. She asks me if I'm an exhibitionist. I told her I wasn't, I didn't want to be the creepy naked guy in the window, I only like being naked with a receptive audience. She goes "so you like audiences?" At this point I couldn't lie and tell her it's really only a fantasy, I haven't really done anything like that before. In the sexiest voice, she asked "will you get naked for me?" Of course! A week goes by, I'm still running this conversation through my head. I make plans and meet her in her dorm room to watch a movie. I'm sitting on her bed, when she says "you should get naked". I remember not saying anything, my hands shaking a little, I was so excited. I stand up, not really rushing into stripping, when she asked me "It's not likely, but I need to ask, are you a virgin?" . Of course I lied, "are you kidding me? I ask" I ***** off my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. I'm standing in front of this girl who I've know for less then 2 weeks in my underwear. No girl has ever seen me naked, I will never forget the feeling when I put my thumbs in my boxers and pushed them down my leg. It was amazingly hot looking at her, staring at my growing c*ck. I was a little embarrased getting hard so quickly in front of this girl. I'm toned, have an average sized c*ck @ 6", nothing to be to embarrased of, but I felt embarrassed the first time. She told me "I look hot". Next she says "we should do something exciting!" I think to myself are you kidding? To this point this is the most exciting thing i have ever done in my life. She steps into her bathroom, and grabs a towel, and tells me to put this on. I'm happy to cover myself and try to relax and lose my erection. She then grabs my hand and we walk outside! Holy crap! I'm on sensory overload at this point, I'm practically naked outside, in the middle of campus with this girl! She walks me to her car and tells me to get in. I follow her lead. I have no idea where she is taking me. She drives me about 5 miles to this almost abandoned outdoor shopping mall. It was built like 40 years ago with like only two business left. We park, "follow me" is all she says. It is so strange to walk bear foot through this strange place, knowing you are a towel away from being buck naked. At this point the sun is just starting to set. We are halfway through the mall, she says "give me my towel". I unwrap it from my waist and toss it to her. My erection is throbbing, I have tingling through my body like I have never felt before. She takes the towel and tosses it on the roof! "So you are ******** in a ***** mall, ironic no?" she says. "How do you feel?" I am at a loss for words. She approaches me, pushes me against the wall and starts to make out with me, like no girl ever has. Her tounge is deep in my mouth, my head is spinning. My biggest fear was ******* then and there. She has yet to touch me, but she soon does, she slowly brings her hand down my chest, down my abs, and traces her fingers around my throbbing c*ck. She gently holds my member, and ever so softly begins to stoke me. I would loved to have made that moment last, but no chance. She picked up the pace and had the best ****** of my life. We made out for awhile and eventually drove back, all the time I was completely naked. I eventually lost my virginity to Becky that evening, but I will always remember the first time she had me get naked. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
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That was a hot experience. Thanks for sharing.