I Love Getting Comments On My Stories On Ep Am Disappointed When I See No Comments At All .

I really love getting comments to my stories and I always answer those that take the time to read my story and comment on it . Adding some advise or they can relate to what Im saying . That is what this website is suppose to be isnt it? About sharing life experiences with like minded people for conversation and friendship? When I take the time to write up a story and nobody answer's I find that alittle bit disappointing as well . However I dont expect comments to everything I write up about on here , but If I can a few comments it makes my day alitle bit more intresting . For its really good that their are people out their that share the same experiences .
mishy40 mishy40
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I think its good to comment. At times tho i just dont kno what to say.

Thanks iafsnack just for acknowledgeingmy story . mishy 40

I try to make time to read some of my friends stories and comments. So far I find your stories interesting. I can relate with some of your stories. I'll get to all of them eventually...when I have some free time.

hi surrealreality I try my best to read the comments left from my stories . Also to thank people for taking the time to comment too. I have been having some trouble with my computer oflate . So Im not on the website as often. good to hear from you again. . I hope you enjoy your weekend .

I understand how you feel sometimes I like comments also other times I get offended so easily if I pick up something nasty or insulting and I have blocked people too who just write nasty things.... <br />
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I don't read everything of comments that people write but sometimes I do like to hear "like" your story or comment etc ... I don't care if people don't write either.