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Although I love getting comments on my EP stories (possibly because I don't usually receive many!), the number of views a story receives is also fascinating. I wonder what draws people to some stories, but not others?

I remember joking with one EP member, who has written thousands of stories on this site, that maybe I should write something to do with sex. So I did and did not receive many comments or even views.

Easily the winner, in terms of views, is a story I wrote about a poem, which surprised me. Looking at the least viewed story (apart from one only just posted), it is another poem, which doesn't surprise me. Why do nearly 1000 people flock to read about one poem but almost nobody wants to look at another? Until you open the page, you don't really know what you are getting, do you?

Another of EP's many mysteries!

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Thanks, taken. As I mentioned, I once tried a couple of sex related stories, but they didn't attract lots of views or comments. One of my stories became corrupted, due to a problem with the EP system. I recreated it and, second time round, it attracted much more interest!

I love it when old stories (never mine!) are rediscovered and sometimes receive several dozen comments, second or third time round.

Yes, timing could be a key factor. Once a few people look at a story (which usually happens in the first day or two), their friends may find it too and there is a ripple effect.

It depends on a lot of things

it's when you write it,

how many of your friends are on line at that moment,

Who comments on it,

And the group you write the story in,

and the subject,

and the contents

I wonder why I rated that nice comment up?! I'm sure I don't deserve such a kind one, really.

I am also fascinated by the way in which long forgotten stories (not mine) are suddenly rediscovered and either attract lots of comments, for the first time, or additional ones.