Giving And Getting

I enjoy being rimmed by someone who actually wants to. I only like receiving a ******* or giving a ******* to those as into it as I am. Having someone put me in the right *** up position so they can lick my *** is a huge turn on. But even more than I enjoy getting it I like giving it. I really like having my face sat on. The best is having a woman squat so I have full access to those juicy holes. I have always loved having men sit on my face but few are willing... I wonder why...
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29 Responses Sep 21, 2012

love getting my tongue deep into my wife's *******

that is sexy that you enjoy having your face sat on like that . but like you It is a real turn on when you can have a sexy woman sit on your face and her enjoy having both her sexy love tunnels tongue tickled.

I'll sit on your face and then I will rim you back after I love it. Deep tonguing your hole

That is weird. I would love to sit on your face and let you eat my ***!

I love to shower with a woman and then get her on all fours and give her a good *******. I love feeling my tongue on her rosebud. Maybe gently pushing my tongue inside her *** a little bit, or my finger in a lot!

I also love having her rim me too!

Add me and i will cover your face with me face after I licked yours out

Oh girl I am willing!

I will sit on your tongue anytime!

The first time my lover wrote to me and used this phrase, " I going to need your tongue on my ***." I wrote back,"Greenlight!" He said," Seriously, your tongue will need to make contact." Too funny...! My lover is so much fun and luvs my magnificent **** and my fabulous ********. This was the first time ******* was ever suggested to me by a partner. I had no hesitation. In fact: the fact he trusted me enough to ask only made it more intimate and sensual. And that this act means he would be the passive partner empowered me to take charge and subsequently move on to anal penetration of him by me. Very intense experience. Not for the squeamish. But for all of us who enjoy intensity in their life.

id def make sure I ate up all your *** and trust me id LOVE sitting on your face!!!!!

i wonder too, its such a pleasurable sensation, i would love to sit on your sexy face!

I'd do it!

Hi ... any more like you around? ...I love anal play - getting is fun ... giving is the best! Did you know that you have more nerve endings around your anus than your **** ? I think a lot of guys think that if they like anal stimulus that they may be gay or something like that so avoid it. They don't know what they are missing. ... thanx for sharing + have fun out there

Love giving and receiving, its my favourite sex act for sure - nothing turns me on more than making a girl moan and squirm by licking both her holes.
I totally agree with you about the other person being really into it too, makes it even hotter!

I am so sorry. :( I take it for granted. My partner not only enjoys my tongue, he taught me to worship his _ss, so I can do it perfectly for him. I am lucky.

i love it

hey im down like james brown !!!!!!!

I love giving!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets do it :D

I would be most willing. But I want to give as well as receive. There is nothing more exciting that an *** in front of my face waiting for my tongue. But few seem to really want that.

I love ******* a women before I stick my **** in her ***. It just makes it so erotic but I don't mind receiving either!! LOL I love ******* a women in the *** but the foreplay is the complete trick!!

i would looooove to sit on your face, anyone who wouldnt is insane!, love to give you a hot show, let me know in a message sexy!

Is it just where I live or something?! Seriously! It's hard to meet people that love what I love. I've gone without some of my favorite activities because finding people as open as myself to such things (that aren't scary as hell) is too difficult. So I've settled and I'm sad about that lol. What a trivial thing too miss, but it's true.

I'd love to sit on your face! Especially If I get to sit on yours too

I will happily sit of your face. You can return the favor as well and sit on my face.

I would be glad to set on your face. But also want the opportunity to usemy tongue in your *******. In my youth laying on your sides ******* each other was known as around the world. But the phrase and practice seem forgotten now. Been a long time but I can still remember and hope.

I enjoy ******* someone else but haven't had anyone do me very well - maybe we need to get together.

I wish we lived close to each other,there is nothing better than licking and tounging a womans *** hole,i get my tounge as far as i can inside,i could eat *** for hours

there is nothing more intimate than a loving ****** done by/to your beloved partener!