Spanking Given

I work at a large horse ranch in ILLINOIS that there are 31 other workers here almost all live on the ranch and we are 1 big happy family for the most part.
Sally is the one who is in charge of the ranch she's the forewomen. She takes her job for real and treats most of us girls like her daughter's. Last month the ranch hired 3
young women from China. They are all pretty and very well rounded girls.
1 of them were assigned to my apartment. I started to find my bra's misplaced not every day but from time to time. So I went to the Mall bought a real nice bra and it came up missing. I went to Sally and told her. She told me to handle it myself. So I comfronted Lyn And tore her shirt off and there was my bra on her. Sally was very upset because no fighting was aloud. Sally asked me what should be done? I lower my head and told her to spank me. Sally paddled my butt bright red for fighting and I earned it. But when lyn said after I had gotten back to my apartment that it worked for her. I lost it and slapped her than because she was just 98 pounds I throw her on my bed and bared her *** and I spanked and paddled her until she was crying. She has never took my bra's anymore and after I was done we laid together until morning I didn't have any sex with her but it felt good to have a warm naked women next to me. WWe have spanked each other but that is another story. I am still working and Lyn has turn out to be a good friend.
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Hello. I really enjoyed reading your stories and I would love to be able to follow you :)

Would like to b ur friend