I Get Too Excited Heh Heh

The last time i trusted someone my address was the ''prince'' (which we stopped talkin) , that was the last time i exchanged letters.

BUT the funny thing is every morning (when i feel ok) i run to the door ,when i listen to the postman coming ,hide to look from the window(there must b a word for that but idk it) n when i see theres a letter i run n get it as soon as the postman leaves! hehe is funny .Probably its a letter bout somethin my aunt has to pay but i still do that. I get letters from publishing companies once in a while n some magazine too n i say to my aunt ''if its a bill we should tell the postman to not bring it ,only the rest to bring'' heh but i get excited..
amysangels amysangels
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2 Responses Nov 2, 2010

hehe *big smile*

heh heh I tooOOoo :) lov the mail , I hope it never ends..Nothing like hearing the truck pull up.. :) and you will write a very touching book..and I'd for sure send it to you so you can autograph ..Lots of lov n hugs sent..sorry it's cyber heh heh!