The Dragon That Claws Up My Arm, Spreading Its Wings Across My Chest And Back . . .

Exactly that. This tattoo is big, and only my second one. It was a custom tat that the artist really got into. I have a blended family, one girl that is my ex's daughter (always been my little girl) from before, and I had two when we hooked up. So together we had three. Then a couple of years later we had my youngest. All four still live with me. And please, it's not that my ex doesn't want them, she knows how much I love them all and could not do with out. Anyways, this tats story.

So Smurfette (name change) came up to me and asked, "Dad, how come you don't have my name on you like the others." "Well . . . that is a very good question. Would you like to see you name on me??" "YAH, that would be so cool!!!" "Okay, and how would you like to see it?" "I don't know, what do you think?"

I couldn't think of anything. As I lay there in bed that night, I brought up the conversation with my ex. I never really thought about having Smurfette on me because of the circumstance on how the other tat came about. But a child doesn't see it like that. I asked my ex, what should I get. We didn't know, and with the addition of the new born, I thought I should get both of their names tattooed on me.

Then I had a dream, a crazy dream about a dragon that saved my kids and home. No rhyme or reason, just a dream. It seemed so real. I have a strong belief in dreams, so I said to myself, "that's it. A dragon." Not just any old dragon either. I want it to stretch from my elbow, to my shoulder. I want its wings to go across my chest and my back. I want this to be massive.

So I went from place to place trying to get anyone to listen to me and take me serious. No one would. They said it was too big and too expensive for a second tattoo. I couldn't believe it!! I was dead set on this tattoo. I gave up for about a month, when my ex suggested where she goes. We went in there and explained the whole story, the artist Jim, said "no problem. As a matter of fact, come here." He traced my shoulder, arm, chest, back area on to some paper so her could have a canvas. He said it would take a week or two to draw it up.

I was on cloud nine!! The very next day, I got a call from Jim. "Tony man, I have it all drawn out, this is badass!! Can you come down so I can make sure it is gonna fit!!" I told him sure, but then asked, "I thought it was going to take a week or two." He said, "dude, I couldn't stop thinking about what you said about where this tat was going. What it was for, I couldn't stop thinking about it and just started to draw it. I love it, haven't seen one like this before, so I am excited."

So anyways, eventually I went in for the first 3 hours of just the outline. Then about 2 months later, I went back in for the shading all grey (not a big color fan on myself, love it on others). So that is my tat, a dragon that starts at my left elbow, it's head on my shoulder, its feet looking like it is crawling up my, with on wing on my left chest, and the other wing on my left back. There is a ribbon in its mouth that stretches down my arm that has Smurfette's name and our newborn's name.

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cool story and very surreal