Fit To Be Tied

I've been into bondage my whole life. I love it when a woman ties me spread eagle to the bed and then plays with me. Sitting on my face, using a ***** on me, tying up my **** and balls, pinching my nipples, sucking my ****, etc. Just keeping me hard and horny for hours. Make me lick her to numerous climaxes. Only after she is totally satisfied will she let me *** and she always finds a way to make me eat the ***, creampies, snowballing or out of her hand or a cup. I love that.
blackfury blackfury
61-65, M
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

i love this too

Oh, yes! Tie me and tease me, keep me begging, hoping, wishing to ***.

Being kept hard and horny for hours is heaven. Lastnite my wife played with my **** for hours and never did let me ***. I am so horny now i will do anything she says to get some relief.